Is It A House Or A Mansion?

“Would you call this a mansion with a hundred ornate windows and floors made of Italian marble?” asked Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati while escorting a group of visiting journalists around her parents’ under-construction bungalow in her ancestral village Badalpur on the outskirts of Delhi.

Ms. Mayawati said that the house belonged to her parents who had constructed it with funds raised from the sale of other ancestral property. “Had the media checked the revenue records, they would have found out I do not even own this house,” she said. Ms. Mayawati saw the “media slander” as part of a larger “conspiracy” aimed at disadvantaging her in the coming Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh, which “the BSP was poised to win.” She said her party was too well placed to be affected by malicious campaigns of this kind.And according to her such ” unrelentingly partisan and deliberately anti-BSP reportage” was likely to tarnish the media as a whole in the eyes of the Dalit community.


Vidarbha Farmers Are Consoled By PM.

Manmohan Singh
Finally Prime Minister Manmohan Singh began a two-day tour of Maharastra,Vidarbha region on Friday, with yet another farmer suicide and bringing the focus of agrarian crisis, sweeping the state.

Ramdas Ganpat Bhagat, 45, consumed poison in his field on Thursday evening and died in Akola district, owing to insurmountable debt he had accumulated in recent years, the police said.

The prime minister, arrived Vidarbha at 10 a.m. and assured relief to the distraught farmers. He is expected to announce a relief package before leaving for New Delhi on Saturday.Dramatic scenes unfolded before Singh as he interacted with the farmers, many of them breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.

Earlier, the prime minister addressed a gathering of farmers in Dhamangaon village, assuring them his government’s support in finding a lasting solution to their woes. “Dear brothers and sisters, after what you have told me about the difficulties that you are gong through, I understand that debt is a big problem,” Singh said.It will be my endeavour to sit with Vilasrao Deshmukh and Sharad Pawar to find a solution to your problems, many of which need to be dealt with urgently,”

“I will also make an announcement in this regard before I leave. I was told that the means of irrigation are very poor in this region. We will focus on a special package that will tackle this problem too,” the prime minister said.

“I have been informed of several other problems too – many of which need to be dealt with urgently. I will look into them too,” he added.

Lets see how congress is going to project this problem to PM the main sahukar of this region is a sitting congress MLA, the state unit and the local adminstration are not going to tell the truth to PM as it is on of their own party member is one of the main reason for these suicides.

Was SJP using Big B For Political Gain?

Congress on Friday¬†attacked Samajwadi Party after the interview by Amitabh Bachchan in which he has held the Income Tax Department as an “exemplary organisation” about which he has “greatest respect”. Party spokesman Rajiv Shukla said that the interview is exposed by Samajawadi Party which had often accused the Congress, for harrassing Bachchan through IT Department.

Rajiv Shukla said that the Bachchan’s praise for the IT Department showed that the Samajwadi Party was attempting to derive political capital out of the tax troubles of Bachchan and the SP stood exposed and said that Congress had been saying that it did not believe in harassing anyone and Bachchan’s interview had vindicated the party’s stand.In the interview, Bachchan had said “there is no controversy, no unnecessary badgering and no annoyance from any quarters” on the income tax issue.

Can Anyone Stop Sadhu Yadav In Bihar?

sadhu-yadav.jpgPolice in GOPALGANJ(Bihar) have issued an arrest warrant against Sadhu Yadav and and his body guards, late Thursday night, the brother-in-law of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, in connection with the case of alleged assault of a candidate for the post of chief of a block development committee in the district.

Gopalganj District Magistrate Murlidhar Rai said on Friday that efforts were on to track down Yadav and his police commandos for Thursday’s assault of Dinesh Sah, a candidate for the post of Phulwaria block development committee chief. The state administration had also ordered the withdrawal of the commandos providing security to Yadav, who along with his security staff, was said to be absconding.

Yadav had allegedly assaulted Dinesh Sah in full public view after the latter refused to obey his diktat to withdraw from the fray in favour of Lalu’s sister-in-law (wife of his elder brother Gula Rai), Kunti Devi, also an aspirant for the post of Phulwaria block development committee chief. Can Anyone has the courage to do anything against Sadhu Yadav?

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Can Third Front Be A Real Threat?

After a sucessful tenure of NDA and the current success of UPA it looks like India is going to see coalition parties will rule the country in coming years. Major parties like Cong and BJP have found out that they cannot win the election alone so they have gone for coalition formula and it has worked well so far. This has not gone well with some of the regional parties who cannot be on either side or feel that their ideology is compromised wants to get together and form a third front. The parties like SJP, AIADMK, AGP who are regional parties and have been sidelined by major force like cong and BJP wants to prove a point.

They want to break both UPA and NDA and form a new front, they have seen great success of the regional parties in most of the elections and want to use that for their gain. SJP which fights BJP at home is not a great friend of cong so they are left alone and cannot play a major role at the centre. Now they are gaining support from small parties through out the country and want to make a third front. This might work but when you have people like Jayalalithaa, Chandra Babu Naidu, Mulayam Singh Yadav etc it is really hard to work under one banner.

They all want power and their will be ego clash becuase o their individual stature and popularity they have in their respective state. History has proved that third front did not work before and it would be really hard to make it work unless they have the support from a major party at the core. Time will only tell whether the third front will ever be a success. Can third front be a real threat?

Rahul Mahajan Is In Real Trouble

Rahul Mahajan the son of late Promod Mahajan and co -accused Sahil Zarru will undergo brain mapping test. Today a a special court directed Delhi police to conduct this test on both of them who are out on bail. The police had asked permission from the court to find out the truth.

Sahil Zarru granted bailZarru is alleged to have supplied drugs to Mahajan during a drugs party at his late father’s official residence in Safdarjung Road on June 1. While Pramod Mahajan’s aide Bibek Moitra died on the way to hospital, the younger Mahajan was admitted to hospital for treatment. Time will only tell what is the real truth but for time being Rahul Mahajan is not finding any reprieve. BJP has already distanced from this case saying it is their internal affair and moreover they do want to interfere in this case as it is now with the court.

Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled in German Parliament

Indian Parliament Speaker (Lok Sabha), Somnath Chatterjee Saturday left for Germany on a six-day visit during which he will hold wide ranging discussions with top German leaders.

“We, the Parliamentarians and the people of India, stand honoured by your gesture of placing the Mahatma on high pedestal in your Parliament. In fact it is an honour for all the peace-loving people across the world,” Chatterjee told his German counterpart Norbert Lammert during a brief ceremony at the Bundestag.

The Speaker, who is leading an Indian Parliamentary delegation here, thanked his German hosts for choosing him to unveil the bust of the Father of the Nation.