Is Rahul The Future Prime Minister?

rahul-gandhi.jpgRahul Gandhi the son of former prime minster Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi the party president of Congress has picked up the momentum in Indian Politics. People have started taking him seriously especially the opposition. Last general election he was playing second fiddle to Sonia and Prianka has now come to limelight. In the last byelection he was the star campaigner for Sonia and he really did well. Sonia won the election with a rrecord margin against some big names from BJP and SJP. Now with the assembly election for Uttar Pradesh knocking at the door Opposition parties like BJP SJP are taking no chance this time. They have started taking him seriously and are planning strategies to counter his effect. BJP tried to bring in Rahul Mahajan and get the sympathy wave in its favour but it back fired due to the drug case. Now they have to rely on Varun Gandhi to stop the popularity of his cousin. SJP is trying to find various ways to stop the growing popularity of Rahul. People who have met him say that he has the charismas of his father and is a man of few words. He means seerious business and he is politics to stay, with his ever growing popularity and maturity in politics he would be a force to reckon. We wish him all the success in future and hope he turns out to be a good leader and some day in future lead the country to new heights. Who knows very soon we might see him as the PM of our Country


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