Who Is The Real Boss RSS Or BJP?

atal-advani.jpgEver since BJP lost power in the centre it is not been a smooth sail for the party. It had its own share of internal problem like anyother political party. BJP which was once known to be a party of descipline and ideology is now famous for bipolar politics and internal disorder and anarcy. No one knows who is the boss wether former Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee is the boss or L K Advani. Since Vajpayee has taken a back seat the party has been pulled in all parts people who were close to Advani wants a major say in the party so also some other leaders like Uma Bharati, M L Khurana wants their own. Thus when there is major ego class it is really hard to keep everyone happy. Finally after a prolong internal fighting UMA left the party and so also many other leaders. Than the major shock came and that is the untimely death of their star spokesman Promod Mahajan followed by Rahul Mahajan's involvement with drugs has brought the party to a new low. If this was not enough the repeated interferance of RSS and other Sangh parivar has further dampened the image of BJP. People do not know who is the boss whether RSS is running BJP or BJP is running RSS. Wouldn't it be nice that organisations like RSS who have a very strong grass root followers get involved in much more social issues than politics. The country is still fighting against many social evils like dowry, hatred to backward caste, child mairrage and many other issues. We need organisation like this do some social work like building schools for poor student, old age home, hospitals for patients who cannpot afford, awareness to the youth mass about population control and education. Some might argue that these are Governments work but everyone knows that any govt let it be BJP or Congress are not corruption free and thus the poor citizens suffer. Let the social organisation do some social work rather than interfering in politics.


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