Is Sonia A True Indian?

Sonia Gandhi after Congress' 2004 election win in India

Many might have changed their view about Sonia in last few years but still some feel that she is not a true Indian. I know it is really hard to forget your own motherland and make another country as your own and do anything and everything for the best of your new country. But this should not surprise us our indian customs and tradition says a girl isborn somewhere but once she is married she makes her inlaws family as her own and does anything and everything for the betterment. Sonia also got married and is now a Indian Bahu and as any good daughter in law she was with thick and thin of her in laws. She was always known to us as mrs Rajiv Gandhi and after Rajiv's death she kept herself out of politics and devoted her time in upbringing her children and taking care of other business. During that period Congress lost ground everywhere there were lot of internal disputes within the party. The party lost election and was marginalised in every state and were no more a major threat to BJP. People lost hope with the party and its leaders. Those were the worst days for the party. At that time Sonia was pleaded to take care of the party and be its leader. She resisted a lot but had to finally give up for her party. Than she brought little success in some of the state elections and byelections. But eventually the opposition could not find a answer to her growing popularity and than they played the forigner card and doubted her patriotic feeling. They took all oppurtunity to project as a national threat they forgot the real common man issue and problem and made personal attack on her and her family. But the people of India understood the real situation and wanted to give Mrs Gandhi a chance to prove that she stands for the poor and needy. Congress won the general election and she as the leader of the coalition was supposed to be the next prime Minister. But some people could not honour the verdict of people of India and wanted to create all obstacles in her path. But than Sonia showed what a true Indian she was and did not except the prime minister's post instead wanted someone else to be the PM and she will be a MP and will fight for the poor and needy and try her best for India's growth. This can only be done by any indian daughter in law as they always sacrifice everything for their husband and their in law's family. She did a lot of sacrifice for her in law's and is she a real Bahu of India. We should be proud of her and take a leaf from her book and except her as one of our fellow country man and should respect her for all the sacrifice. Tell me how many politicians of today will sacrifice the post of PM I think none. She is a True Indian Bahu and we should treat her well.


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