Can Uma Prove A Point To BJP?

Uma Bharati the self styled sanyashin and the former firebrand leader of BJP has finally formed her own political outfit. She proclaims that her party is the real BJP and has all the support of sangh parivar. She says her party is the only party which fights for hindus and will work on the ideology of Ram and Roti. Uma Bharati was undoubtedly one of the leaders BJP would miss as she was a great crowd puller and single handedly uprooted congress and Digvijay singh from Madhya Pradesh. BJP played real politics with her they took all her services and when it really mattered they gave the chief minister post to someone else. She had her own style of working which did not go well with other senior leaders in BJP like Advani and Promod Mahajan. She spoke out infront of the media in one of Advani's meeting and so was suspended from the party. But after sometime she took a U-turn and praised the same leader and entered back to the party. But this did not still solve the internal problem. She was not happy of the fact that Promod Mahajan was getting all the saying in party affairs whereas leaders like her and Kalyan Singh who are really linked with the people and grass root workers are sidelined. This did not go well with senior leaders and finally she had to leave BJP. She wanted to find out her value and power and thus she went for few yatras in some of the north states and with the response from the people she felt that she still has that x-factor. Time will only prove how successful her party will be but her first venture did not go well. She supported a candidate against Sonia Gandhi and did all she could to prove a point. But people proved that always the people who turn out in a rally turns to be your vote. Her candidate lost deposit, and Uma felt the first jolt in her new career. I really do not support any party who mixes religion with politics rather she should take up some socail issues.


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