Qualification To Be A Politician


India the biggest democracy in the world is known for secularism where hindus, muslim, sikhs, christinas and many other faiths live together. India's one of the biggest problem is corruption and that is through out the system. Numerous surveys shows that the most corrupted people in India are the politicians thus it is most earning and rewarding field. So lets us find out what are the qualifications required to be a true politician of today. Everyone will agree with some of my findings first of all to become a politician either you should be from some known family who had a political back ground like Gandhi family, Schindia's, Thackrey and many other families who are known in India for their influence in politics. Secondly either you belong to a very rich industrialist or a film personality where money and fame are two factors to come up in politics. But the best and easy way to become a politician is to become famous by any means that could be by murdering looting or various other unsocial activities. Phoolan Devi became a leader though she was a decoit, Mulayam was also not a very clean person. Film personalities like Shatrughan, Dharmendra, Vinod Khana also became leaders with their fan followers. So in summary to say to become a politician in India you do not need to be educated rather you should either be born to a politicians family or a film personality or the best way is to do some unsocial activities like murdering robing so that people will be afraid and vote you. But the best thing is all our politicians wether educated or not do one thing great is they give great speeches and make make people believe that they can bring back Ram Raj in India. They will make you fight for religion, caste and many other topics but they will never be hurt. They are like doctore who can read their patients (voters) and prescribe exact medicene (manifesto and promises) so that we people just think that they are going to bring revolution to society and we all will live in a better world. I blame the people who vote for these politicians but I get annoyed with the modern youth who do not vote for correct leader but always complain that they system is now working Govt. is not doing enough. If you are a true citizen of India cast your vote for the right leader and never thing your one vote will make no difference. if each person think this way than our country will not progress and instead of ram Raj we will see Ravan Raj.


One Response to “Qualification To Be A Politician”

  1. chaitanya Says:

    i have just finished my tenth.i amquite intrested in forging a career in politics .i wanted to know which stream is best suited for politics and what should i take up at +2.

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