Can Lalu Regain Bihar?


Lalu Prasad Yadav the former CM of Bihar and current Railway Minister in Central Govt. is a rare leader. People through the world want to know what is in him that he wins so many elections, everyone knows that he is not clean he has so many corruption case against him and he plays caste politics but still he manages to sneak through. Everyone within India or abroad wants to see him or hear his speech as he has a great humor, he can tackle any situation with his humorous comments. Even the media finds it difficult to phrase a question where he would struggle, rather in any situation his answers will make you believe that he is not worried at all and he is right though you know it may not be the truth. When he visited Pakistan the people of pakistan liked him a lot because of his speech and simplicity he knows how to attract people and win over their heart. He is a great crowd puller and can never be counted out. He can make a come back anytime and regain the CM post. Nitish Kumar the current CM of Bihar has to realise this and has to do exceptionaly well to retain his post for a second term. It all down to the people of Bihar to descide what they want and whom they want to see as their future CM. But one thing is good for India is that Lalu as a Railway Minister has done well and have given a people friendly budget for two years. Lets hope he continues this good work for the country and her citizens.


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