Did Naveen Deliver The Goods?


After long wait Orissa and people of Orissa thought they saw a new sun in the way of Naveen Pattnaik. He was young, educated and well spoken leader everyone were made to believe that finally they got a leader they had waited for long. People voted him to power to see some changes to the govt’s policies which would take the state to new heights in terms of education, employment and infrastructure. But time passed by and people saw no change in his policies we still do not see any major developments in our state. When other state CM’s are busy to get MNC company and other corporate house to come and invest in their state our CM is busy in sorting out his own house. Orissa has been ruled by Congress and Janta Dal for so many years but neither party has done anything for the state. The congress was thrown out of power becuase of its corrupt leaders and unpopular policies. But Naveen Pattnaik hasn’t done anything good we haven’t seen any progress so far neither when he was a union leader and cabinet minister nor as a CM he did any developments for Orissa. Can Orissa ever get a leader who can do something for the state. I hope our honourable CM learn something from his neighbouring states and do some development work for the people of Orissa.

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