Karunanidhi Vs Jaya In TN


Karunanidhi the present CM of Tamil Nadu has fought another battle with Jayalalithaa and won the battle, the last time it was the other way round when jaya managed to win against Karunanidhi. This is been happening since 1989 every election it becomes hard for the existing CM to fight incumbent factor and they lose the election convincingly. This time Jaya gave a good fight but still could not manage to retain her CM post. DMK with its veteran leader won the election and Karunanidhi at the age of 83 has become the new CM of TN. Why is it that the people of TN change their vote every election are they inspired from their well educated neighbouring state of Kerela. Is there no other leaders in TN which people could select, it looks like the people of TN can only vote either Jaya or Karunanidhi. No other political party is that big to be a serious contender. Congress which once ruled TN lost its image and base with time and years. They were uprooted from TN becuase of internal politics and corruption. Moreover AIADMK and DMK played Dravid Card and won the election raising local and state level issues. Since than most of these south Indian states are ruled by regional parties.


One Response to “Karunanidhi Vs Jaya In TN”

  1. ram Says:

    Dravida card is not holding TN politics,as all the parties have the tag then.. Dravid card was at 1960s when the congress had considerable power. After compulsory hindi implementation the congress suffered(there were riots-young blood on the streets)that is history.

    DMK is under scanner for credibility, as for the past 10 yrs, they are playing the game as to retain centre support.
    H.raja is the env minister for 7 yrs-5 bjp, 2 congress!!!

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