Maharashtra Minister Finally Resigns

After two years the Sawant Commisssion finally came out with their findings which have indicted Suresh Dada Jain. He tendered his resignation to the party president Sharad Pawar. He said that CM Deshmukh has shown him the conclusion of the Justice Sawant. He has resigned from the cabinet after he has been indicted of corrupt practices and maladminstration he was the minister of Higher and technical Education. The Sawant Commission was set up two years ago to probe corruption charges and misuse of office against four NCP Ministers by the earlier government, after social activist Anna Hazare went on a hunger strike. However, the report has not been made public. The report exonerated Vijay Kumar Gavit, Minister for Tribal Development, of corruption charges, the Minister for Labour, Nawab Malik, and the former Minister for Energy, Padamsinh Patil, were indicted along with Mr. Jain. Mr. Hazare too has been indicted by the report. We really do not know why our politicians are so corrupted. 


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