Who Wants Narendra Modi As CM Of Their State?


Narendra Modi the current Chief Minister of Gujrat may not be liked by many but he is praised by some. So what is wrong to have a chief minister like him, he is one of the strong BJP leader he is known for his hindutva ideology. One thing he forgets is he lives in a secular country where every religion are same and all citizens irrespective of their religious background should be treated equally. He is believed to be biased in the Godhra incidence and most of the countries cannot digest the fact a leader with such power should be biased to any religion of caste and community. He has been denied Visa to USA, UK and many other countries also have the same opinion. But you see his positive side he is a great leader for his party, he is good orator and BJP keeps him as a star campaigner for most of elections. he has done well for the party he has brough lot of success to the party in some of the elections especially in Gujrat. He has developed the state and most of the MNC still feel safe to invest in their state. In a current visit to Israel which is one of the rare country invited him, he could impress the people with his speech and made them believe that they should invest in his state Gujrat. Like any individual he also has his good and bad qualities but would you like him to be your CM and go for development or go for internal law and order problems and ocassionaly religious riots.


39 Responses to “Who Wants Narendra Modi As CM Of Their State?”

  1. sandeep chauhan Says:

    hu surat no rahevasi chhu.tame mara ideal chho.tame gujrat ne world ma agal lavi sako chho only required try.
    like education field.

  2. me the ultimate Says:

    other leaders are not concerned about secularism but the way he is being stronger and stronger. they feel a potential threat from such a strong leader, emerging at the national level, emerging at international level, they feel a threat from state of Gujarat, that’s why this attitude- thats it

    • Nihit Says:

      Exactly – Since there is SO MUCH corruption in Indian politics, they cannot digest the fact that such a sincere anti-corrupt leader is being voted as CM by the Gujarat majority. He has also proved himself by bringing huge economic growth in Gujarat and making it the BEST GOVERNED AND FASTEST DEVELOPING STATE IN INDIA. I am not even Gujarati but having visited the state before and now – I am proud to be his supporter.

  3. Harish Says:

    Narendra Modiji you should get the BEST CM Award.

    We all wish all states had CM like you.

    Keep Up the Good Work

  4. Ramesh Says:


  5. patidar putra Says:

    Now we know, Narmada dem is complete How many in Kuchch are watering their farms?
    Why Gujarat with highest number of people in US/abrode, is so far behind in tech. businesses.
    Modi is only for himself (selfish) look at development gap between his areas(Mehsana & Ahmedabad) and other areas (Baroda and Bharuch)
    And this latest about Fake encounters and Human smugaling…
    Thoo Thoo Thoo.

  6. sanjay Says:

    Modiji, we think GUJRAT have ever got CM like u. keep it up,i don” understand why this media is behind u and u never react to it . best of LUCK for comming election.come again with 160 seats. WISH U BEST FOR SARDAR SAROVAR PROJECT. JAI GUJRAT

  7. rajesh Says:

    its better hang in a rope if modi becomes cm of my peaceful state tamilnadu.people of tn wll make modi run frm tn if he come tn.

  8. ramakant Says:

    No,I don’t agree with you. He should not be the CM(cum manger) of any state of India but should be the PM(pura manager) of India. Reason behind that : He is the only person to show a original face to then running securiliasm in India.

  9. rohit patel Says:

    ha modi j gujarat ne aagad lavse.
    i like his style of work,thinking and disipline
    modi tum age badho hum tumare saat hai.

  10. sudhir Says:

    I have looked you prim minister
    Sudhir singh
    Allahabad U.P.

  11. MT Says:

    Modi should be in jail. Even the Supreme Court found he did not do his duty. India Shining….look away India…look away from people like Modi.

    If Modi wanted he could have been a stronger leader by stopping the post godra riots…but he choose to instead become a terrorist. India is interesting…we call ourselves a democracy …. and we have a useless Left Communist party ruling states…a terrorist administration in gujurat…all we need is Advani to become PM and then we will have mass carnage all over india

    sad sad sad…. especially when i see many hindus who come to the USA …. enjoy the freedom of this great nation and then bash minortieis and speak hindu terror.

    sad sad

  12. skshah Says:

    Hi !

    Can I know why Tahalka / Aajtak release 2002 videos on 2007 ??? Why they exposed Narenda Modi and his team only ???

    This all bcs they make BIG CASH to release this videos on election time ! They only required MONEY ! They earn from videos, advertisements and politicians…

    I have one qsn : Which person in INDIA protect HINDUS ? As per my opinion ONLY NARENDRA MODI.

    All Congress party support only MS Communities from many years… And just bcs of this many HINDUS KILLs !



    I think you need to think about it OR U ARE NOT FROM HINDUSTAN !



    • Nihit Says:

      I totally agree with you SK Shah – our corrupt government has given so many special facilities to these minorities. that our actual majority is being left behind with the worst options in hand. So we definitely need a good majority religion (Hindu) support also. And it is more than obvious that the media HAS BEEN SOLD TO CONGRESS. By money, Congress has ordered media to be biased against a genuine, secular leader like Modi. I hope he wins next year too – and a pray to God he is next Indian PM s- India can be saved from terrorism and corruption both products of bloody Congress

  13. jay Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Thank You sir for your passion and vision not only for gujarat buy for india. I really appreciate your effort, and bringing water to my town now my grandma dont have to wake up at 3.oo at night for water, I dont care for this media because as it is whole world know about our idot, stupid indian media. they have no respect will do as much as possible to keep you as our cm we believe in you . As nri who can see gujarat from outside and can see, you are undisputed leader who can lead us.
    Jai mataji

  14. vinay Says:

    I think every state should have chief minister like him. I like his no nonsense attitude about issue. There are only few politicians who are honest and development oriented. India needs a prime minister like him. True secularism means standing up for what is right!

    Only one kind of people don’t like him. Those are dishonest, corrupt and selfish people who uses religion for their own benefit!

  15. hiren Says:

    modi is one and only face in Indian politice who have vision to lead the nation. yes and of course we need to save hindu interest and as a hindu his duty to to this. Other wise congressess and Laloo will kill alll hinu for their interset.
    Have you seen some of the NGO and the social worker condemning the Modi and hindu leader why they not condemn the Muslim, Javed Akthar and Tista and few other only watching Mr. Modi why not to other.

    We people of Gujarat wtih Mr. Modi and no body defeat the modi. People give a slap on the face of psuedo-secularist in this election.

  16. not a pseudo secularist Says:

    Modi needs to be the PM of India.
    The rest of the politicians are the real communal ones – darned pseudo-secularists.
    Modi is the only one who has the guts to STOP corruption at all levels even at the cost of making his own MLAs go against him – Modi is the true future of India.

  17. Common Hindu Says:

    Whatever is happening in Gujarat is indicative of the modern culture of Gujarat. People in Gujarat only want economic prosperity even if it comes at the cost of moral values. You can expect this kind of moral degradation from a state where Gujarati businessmen offer their wives as prostitutes to their friends whenever they face loss in business. This is quite rampant in Ahmedabad and has been in the news quite often. Most of the people of Gujarat talk about “Gujarati Asmita”, is this the “asmita” they are refering to ?. I have lived in Gujarat from a long time and have noticed the importance given to all things material by the people. And Narendra Modi professes to be a true Hindu guy, Hindu culture never supports violence or incest as pracitsed quite rampantly by the Gujarati business community. Most of the people of Gujarat are only literate not educated. They cant even talk in English properly, for eg. look at the language used in the responses. Most of the response in favour of Modi are from Gujarati Hindus only. Even if Modi offers economic development, he is shouldnt be the guy to occupy the CMs chair as he is a biased and ruthless and is in league with the likes of Mussolini, Hitler etc. when it comes to the absence of conscience. Ultimately i feel, from the way things are progressing and the way Gujarat is propagating its image of an “Anti-Muslim” state, its going to attract a lot of attention from the terrorists from the middle east and be the focal point of their ire.

    • Hiren Says:

      Common Hindu, your intellectual deficiency shows up evidently. Since you said that “wife offering” is in news often, you must know at least one name of such businessmen. Name one, go ahead. You just hate Gujarat and Gujaratis because you’re a loser – wherever you’re from (most likely a Bengali or Mallu). Grow up, brother. It’s the Gujarat or Gujaratis who have been at the forefront of all that’s good in India.

      You complained about Gujarati’s english skill, but what about yours? Have you checked your sentences such as, “Even if Modi offers economic development, he is shouldnt be the guy to occupy the CMs chair …”? Do you know anything about verb, subject, subordinate clause, you moron?

      It’s the “common” Hindus like you due to which we’re being looked down upon by the rest of the world. Go labor in Gulf.

  18. deepak Says:

    Modi is orthodox and narrowminded. A leader should keep everybody in mind and not be biased . He keeps hinduism before humanity and that is what makes him dangerously narrowminded and dictatorlike.

  19. Indian Says:

    “he is shouldnt be the guy to occupy the CMs chair as he is a biased and ruthless and is in league with the likes of”

    First check out your english you biggest duffer ‘Common Hindu’. You fool, you uneducated pig your English is even worse than my 12 years old brother. You traitor you are living in Gujarat and earned bread from this soil and still you are speaking such language for Gujarat.

    Prostitution might be culture of your family. your mothers and sisters, not the culture of Gujarat. Actually, I am sorry, It is not your fault its your parents fault. They should be punished heavily for giving birth to you. Your parents are biggest fools and they neither taught you English language nor they taught to respect other people.

    You dont respect even our mother land India. Idiots like you should be hanged. I can bat you are the big looser and you dont have good job or any thing(How could you have it? you are a fool even cant write English, ha ha ha) and you envy the rich and successful Gujarati people. You cant even breed your family ha ha ha a looser,

    Tujse na naukri hogi na dandha apni sari zindagi blogs pe timepass karte rehna aur tera familyjab bhukha marne lage to Modiji ke pas jana tuje khana to khila hi denge

  20. PRAMOD POTE Says:

    MAI LEGA NAHI OR KISIKO LENE DUNGA NAHI (about corrption).har state mai ek narendra modi hoga to india become no;1 devlopment contry in world .NARENDRA MODI CHALTE RAHO HINDUSTAN WILL FALLOW YOU

    • Nihit Says:

      So true – He is the REAL SINGHAM OF INDIA – Standing as a one man army against both cirruption and terrorism. God bless him and his efforts. Hope is is PM in 2014. And if you see the current state of our terribly corrupt, poor, looked down upon country : WHAT HAS CONGRESS GIVEN TO US IN ITS & YEARS OF REIGN – CORRUPTION. GREEDY POLITICIANS, POVERTY, TERRORISTS LIKE KASAB ( Who is yet to be hanged…) AND MORE TERRORISM – from the recent attack in Mumbai. WAKE UP INDIA AND INDIANS : It is time we overthrow this money-hungry congress and get back BJP and leaders like Modi who WILL imrpove the country;s condittions especially terrorism. You can check online about the 0 terrorist attacks that have occurred in Gujarat. Akshardham was the last one – No more after that. Thnx to Modi Ji Gujarat people can live without the fear of being killed in a terrorist bomb attack.

  21. Gunjan Says:

    Modiji U r the man who has came forward and appealed the people of gujarat as well as the gujaratis staying in USA to write letters and emails to the prime minister of india to imply the law OF GUJCOK IN GUJARAT TO BAN TERRORIST ATTACKS. HATS OFF TO UR WORK AND WE R WITH U AND I M PROUD TO SAY THAT GUJARAT HAS GOT THAT TYPE OF IRON MAN THAT CAN CHANGE THE WHOLE SECENARIO OF GUJARAT.JAI HIND JAI JAI GARVI GUJARAT NI.

  22. Nayan Says:

    hello mr commn hindu…or what ever u r… it seems like u r frstrated with the development of gujarat, and its much more developed than your native state, thats y you r here to be fuked up in gujarat, we salute modi, and respect him as our leader. you are free to give your opinions in india, thats y u you can bark on the blogs, u need to be transfered to pakistan, or never the less bihaar…or bengaal, u will come to know better the value of gujarat when your wife will be hooked up with some taporis on the streets.

  23. Nayan Says:

    frustration of ppl like commn hindu shows the popularity of mr modi..lol..i have nevern been so much interested in the politics and believed that , politics is the only game of curruption. but modi has changed my thinking towrds the plolitics, it can only happen in gujarat….and note my words…gujarat is goint to become indias no1 state. becoz if ppl like me started liking the politics , that means there are many like me…who alwys ready to serve the nation….only we need a leader like narendra modi…

  24. Pawan Says:

    State’s supporting terrorism,courruption and crime wont like Narindra Modi as CM of their State……If Modi had done anything guilty….this supreme court of india would have sent him in jail….so those who r saying that he is communal
    or masskiller is just making fun of our supreme court…
    shame on such people…
    Narindra Modi Must be the Prime Minister of india….
    America and England did’nt give visa to him…..but did he ever demaned that?
    I dont understand that America becomes good to muslims when it not give visa to Nerindera Modi…..but at the same times it become enemy no 1 of muslims when its army invade iraqe afganistan.
    How could a mass killer like america blames India’s best leader Narendra Modi.

  25. Pawan Says:

    Its for Deepak,

    Why dont you preach this lession to Congress and your so called Secular…..If congress had done its duty properly…Narendra modi would not have in power but its always do a job of muslim appeasment.
    So Nerendra Modi Had to come to fight with such evil.
    Have you ever raised your voice in favour of Kashmiries Hindus who have thrown out of their own land.
    Narendra Modi is not narrowminded….but you and people like you are narrowminded and corrupt

  26. Pawan Says:

    Its For Common Hindu,
    As you said you stayed in Gujrat……why did you go there?
    Becuase you yourself wanted either job or wealth….did they invite you? No…..they didnt?
    why you didnt go to bihar,utterpradesh for job or wealth?
    you talked about Gujraties business man…..are you business man?
    If yes then you would have also done what others gujraties business man did? so how r u different from them?
    you talked about their english…….I want to ask you that do you know hindi?
    If someone knows english it does not mean that he is intelligent…. as you proved that you know english but still
    Have you ever thought about Mulayam singh yadav,Lalu prasad yadav,ram vilash paswan…they dont know english and they dont have even a digree but they are still leader and damaging this country as much they can.
    Have you ever thought that those who r killed in terror attack are mostly hindus….you remember gujrat riot but i am sure you dont remember maun riot(utter pradesh) 1984 riots and others.
    you only remember gujrat riot…..this reflacts your so called secularism. In recent terror attack in mumbai… 200 people lost their life……who were they……most of them were hindus who were killed in that terror attack.
    Have you ever thought about those terrorist who killed innocents….
    After Gujrat riot…..many indians state were attacked by the various terriorist of india(SIMI) killing thousands of Indians.
    Will you speak against them…….will you blame congress for the killing of innocents by terriorst..
    Most parties are supporting Terriorist and Their Organization
    like congress, left and so on…
    you said terriorist will target Gujrat becasue of its policy….then can you explain that why are they targeting the various part of india….Mumbai is not a part of Gujrat and there was no riot there then why did your muslim bhais killed 200 innocent people……
    I must say that you should live in pakistan…..only then you will realised
    I have lots to say but…..

  27. Manish Says:

    I completely agree with all the brothers of Gujarat. Narendra Modi is a deserving candidate for the PM’s chair.
    I am from Uttaranchal state but highly impressed with the growth of Gujarat. Only corrupt people can go against leaders like Modi because they feel uneasy when they are being watched. We need a leader who should be very strict in actions.
    I was highly disappointed by the PM’s speech after the Mumbai disaster last week. ‘NOBODY WOULD BE SPARED’ is nothing but a cruel joke on this unfortunate people of India. How can we expect another country like America to come and help us. Why not, we ourselves show the world that we are capable of handling these terrorists.

    I doubt, if the person above calling himself a “COMMON HINDU” is a Hindu at all. Otherwise he should know, what is the state of a Hindu today in their own Hindustan. We are peace loving and so others have always been taking us for granted and our nature as our weakness.
    We have been so busy in fighting among ourselves that we just ignore the real problems of our country. And that is why, tiny countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh are able to spread terror in our country.
    Any idiot can tell— Without the help of an internal member, Is it ever possible to carry so much of arms and ammunitions inside a hotel like Taj and Oberoi. Answer is “NO”. And everyone knows that, but the problem is we never try to realize it. Just for the greed of a 100 Rupee note, a security person can let any intruder inside…. a traffic police man can let the people go, breaking the traffic rules…. any Govt official can leak the intelligence secret…. a policeman can leave any offender, even a rapist. That is what we are today. And every country in the world knows that and that is why India has always been an easy target for them.
    First and foremost thing required is to change ourselves. If we are united and corruption free, i can bet we will never see an incident like Mumbai terror attack in future.
    We urgently need many good leaders like Modi and we should support them otherwise the day is not far when Hindustan will not be ours any more.

  28. Pawan Says:

    Common Hindu….

    Do you know that in this world…..there are Hundreds of Christen Countries and Hundreds of Muslim Countries
    but no even single Hindu Country in this world….
    You must feel shame on you when you name yourself Common Hindu…..
    In pakistan…..Have you ever count how many hindus live there….How many of them are Leader there….not even single….becuase its a muslim country…..
    I advise you to live in pakistan….only then you can realize….

    Those who were killed in Mumbai blast were not muslim they all were Hindus……
    So dont try to over smart …….and wake up aginst the attrocites against Hindus………
    Have you ever see a single muslim leader speaking against Terriorist……
    Do you want to make this country also a muslim country?
    If yes…..then please see the conditions of Pakistan….A country where its own people are killig each other…

  29. Jawaid Says:

    No , I don’t think Modi should be a leader ; a person who can set the peace and communal harmony of the nation in risk .I don’t believe so because I’m a muslim , instead India cannot be developed with muslim genocide .Try to understand , India has more than 120 million muslims . Will Modi kill all of them ?Is that anyway possible ?
    Rebuild Babri Masjid and give it back to muslims ; stop the incidents like Gujarat genocide ; follow your religion and let others follow theirs ; think all people of India as the nationals of one and the same nation ;go forward all together rising above religion and terror politics ; you’ll notice the difference – how India will be a safe and secure nation. And , with Modi such things are almost impossible , for violence is his impulse and he will do his best to satisfy it.But , that is not the best for India as a nation.

    • Naksh Says:

      You are clearly brainwashed my friend to hate anybody who is falsely accused of being a Hindu supporter. Please go ask other Gujarati Muslim who are VERY HAPPY WITH MODI’s administration because he has truly brought prosperity to his state without any bias on religion. Narrowminded people like you can try to turn us against Modi – but guess what Jawaid (conservative hater) you are wrong – WE WILL SUPPORT MODI JI NO MATTER WHAT. I am getting so sick and fed up of you narrow-minded talks that always end up with your religion and masjid propaganda. Then please explain to me WHY FRANCE HAS BANNED THE BURQA AND IS NOT GIVING VISAS TO MUSLIMS EASILY or WHY NATHERLANDS HAD DEMOLISHED A MOSQUE ? OR WHY AMERICANS HAVE BECOME SO ANTI-ISLAM or WHY CHINA HAS SUPPRESSED MUSLIMS SO BADLY ? The whole world is not foolish Jawaid – so next time you blame and ask someone to build back your mosques – you better think of how many of your people drove away innocent Kashmiri Hindus just to occupy that beautiful land – You people just want to occupy places on the basis of religion. Try being more practical

  30. Denish pune Says:


    i couldnt believe for 1200000 cr rs. mou as vibrant investment sumiit plz come in maharastra n develope our state plzz come

    if u ll be coming in maharashtra plz tell me first
    my cell no. is 09427912790

  31. T. DAS Says:

    No matter what the world may think, Mr. Narender Modi is the best Chief Minister Gujarat ever had and he is the most suitable for the post of Prime Minister of India. It is misleading to state that India is secular country. Hindus are deprived of their rights and condemned. Political parties like constituents past UPA are biased and favour certain communities for their voting advantages only. The greates proof is the winning of Oscars for the first time by muslim kids living in slums even after four decades of Congress rule in the country. It is high time the other communities realised their blunder of favouring wrong parties and sending them to parliament. They should understand that BJP is supporting the Hindutva but they are not against any religion like so called secular parties are only deceiving the people only for getting votes.

  32. Jd Says:

    Narendra Modi: honest, inspiring, daring. We need poeple like him. I think he is the man that can outsmart terrorist. we need a leader like modi who can teach pakistan a lesson not to mess with india. He will not sit around like these dumb old politicians who can’t even talk right and take some action. This guy will walk the talk. As far as the ghorda incident goes, he openly challanged anyone who finds evidence on him he “should be hanged publicaly” these are his words. People who hate him are anti gujarat or anti development.

  33. Chirag Shah Says:

    After reading all comments i think the view are extreme….People of Gujarat wants him badly so do 70% from other state. remaining 30% are lossers and so they cannot digest it..Well i pity you …..Mr. Modi should be the CM of Gujarat as it is only Gujarat’s who deserve him..

    Regarding the comments by Common Hindu(from TN), No wonder why Tamils are beaten black and blue in Malaysia and Sri Lanka…I guess that is the best answer to you.

  34. Urvesh Says:

    After seeing current situation in Gujarat and the development of Gujarat 75% people in Gujarat have been mouth publicity of current Gujarat’s CM. And popularity of Sr. Modi is extreme in Gujarat as well as in other states in India. So, Now for Gujarat’s CM does not required publicity for BJP in Gujarat it is working every day through people of Gujarat. This is my personal experience not only once but many times.
    God bless Narendra Modi…..

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