Muslims Take part In Hindu Festival


India the biggest democracy in the world is also known for its secular image. This is one of the few countries where people from religion live together and work for the betterment of their country. Every year during June and July hindus celebrate Rath yatra where God goes on Vacation to their Aunt’s place. In Orissa all the community irrespective of their sex, caste and religion participate in the cart festival. Hundreds of Muslims in Orissa joined in the nine-day Jagannath chariot festival being celebrated in several villages and towns across the state. Reports spoke of all 800 Muslims joining the celebrations in the village of Deulasahi in Kendrapada district, for instance, like in previous years. The Muslims of the village, which has a population of 2,500, also contributed funds for the event, said Sameshar Khan, a villager. “The village collectively forms a committee to organise the festival every year and our community are also members,” he said. This year, one of the villagers Naeem Ali donated a tree for constructing the chariots. This shows still the people of India respect each other religion and want to live together in peace and tranquility. But the politicians of India make them fight in the name of caste, religion for their personal gain. Long live India we are proud to be Indian.


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