Why West Bengal Always Goes For Red


West Bengal for last 30 years have always elected CPM to rule their state. What does CPM have which is missing from their opposition why the oppposition never managed to win a single election for so many years. Is CPM winning due to weak opposition or their people friendly policies and developments they have done for the state. I would think it should be mixture of both no doubt at the current time there is no strong opposition part of leader to challenge the mights of Basu and Budhadev. Congress which was the main opposition to left have gone through series of internal fights and broke up inot two halves with Mamta banerjee leading the bigger half and started a new party of trinumool Congress. Mamta well known by her critics to change her stand everytime could not prove much threat to left front. In the last election she did not win anything remarkable and left won the election with absolute majority. The last general election also opposition parties did not win anything other than Mamta herself. One thing is sure that left wins the election not only because of weaker opposition but also people friendly policies. Jyoti basu ruled the state for 25 long years and have done lot of development work for the state, The present CM Buddhadev is well known for his development projects and gets credit even from his critics and opposition. From the current situtaion it does not look like left will be defeated atleast for another 5 to 10 years. Everytime Opposition use to shout foul about the rigging of the election but this time the election commision did a remarkable job and most of the polls went peacefully. Thus after the defeat Mamta did not have anything to make excuse this time. We wish the opposition find out the real problem and work for the people of the state and work as a constructive opposition and help the Govt to implement people friendly policies. Or else West bengal will remain Red for ever.


One Response to “Why West Bengal Always Goes For Red”

  1. Ajay Says:

    Till CPM and ideologies like it are in Indian politics, the states where they rule are doomed.

    I don’t know when the country would be free of these leeches.

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