Can Third Front Be A Real Threat?

After a sucessful tenure of NDA and the current success of UPA it looks like India is going to see coalition parties will rule the country in coming years. Major parties like Cong and BJP have found out that they cannot win the election alone so they have gone for coalition formula and it has worked well so far. This has not gone well with some of the regional parties who cannot be on either side or feel that their ideology is compromised wants to get together and form a third front. The parties like SJP, AIADMK, AGP who are regional parties and have been sidelined by major force like cong and BJP wants to prove a point.

They want to break both UPA and NDA and form a new front, they have seen great success of the regional parties in most of the elections and want to use that for their gain. SJP which fights BJP at home is not a great friend of cong so they are left alone and cannot play a major role at the centre. Now they are gaining support from small parties through out the country and want to make a third front. This might work but when you have people like Jayalalithaa, Chandra Babu Naidu, Mulayam Singh Yadav etc it is really hard to work under one banner.

They all want power and their will be ego clash becuase o their individual stature and popularity they have in their respective state. History has proved that third front did not work before and it would be really hard to make it work unless they have the support from a major party at the core. Time will only tell whether the third front will ever be a success. Can third front be a real threat?


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