Is It A House Or A Mansion?

“Would you call this a mansion with a hundred ornate windows and floors made of Italian marble?” asked Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati while escorting a group of visiting journalists around her parents’ under-construction bungalow in her ancestral village Badalpur on the outskirts of Delhi.

Ms. Mayawati said that the house belonged to her parents who had constructed it with funds raised from the sale of other ancestral property. “Had the media checked the revenue records, they would have found out I do not even own this house,” she said. Ms. Mayawati saw the “media slander” as part of a larger “conspiracy” aimed at disadvantaging her in the coming Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh, which “the BSP was poised to win.” She said her party was too well placed to be affected by malicious campaigns of this kind.And according to her such ” unrelentingly partisan and deliberately anti-BSP reportage” was likely to tarnish the media as a whole in the eyes of the Dalit community.


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