Vidarbha Farmers Are Consoled By PM.

Manmohan Singh
Finally Prime Minister Manmohan Singh began a two-day tour of Maharastra,Vidarbha region on Friday, with yet another farmer suicide and bringing the focus of agrarian crisis, sweeping the state.

Ramdas Ganpat Bhagat, 45, consumed poison in his field on Thursday evening and died in Akola district, owing to insurmountable debt he had accumulated in recent years, the police said.

The prime minister, arrived Vidarbha at 10 a.m. and assured relief to the distraught farmers. He is expected to announce a relief package before leaving for New Delhi on Saturday.Dramatic scenes unfolded before Singh as he interacted with the farmers, many of them breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.

Earlier, the prime minister addressed a gathering of farmers in Dhamangaon village, assuring them his government’s support in finding a lasting solution to their woes. “Dear brothers and sisters, after what you have told me about the difficulties that you are gong through, I understand that debt is a big problem,” Singh said.It will be my endeavour to sit with Vilasrao Deshmukh and Sharad Pawar to find a solution to your problems, many of which need to be dealt with urgently,”

“I will also make an announcement in this regard before I leave. I was told that the means of irrigation are very poor in this region. We will focus on a special package that will tackle this problem too,” the prime minister said.

“I have been informed of several other problems too – many of which need to be dealt with urgently. I will look into them too,” he added.

Lets see how congress is going to project this problem to PM the main sahukar of this region is a sitting congress MLA, the state unit and the local adminstration are not going to tell the truth to PM as it is on of their own party member is one of the main reason for these suicides.


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