What Narayanan Had Actually said To Vajpayee?

atal_bajpayee.jpgIt is not clear what happened between former President K R Narayanan and Vajpayee on the Gujrat communal riots. The nanavati commision wanted to get the files and facts on this from the PMO office but twice it was rejected. It is speculated that Narayanan had made certain critical observations on the Narendra Modi Government and the BJP-led NDA Ministry for alleged ineffective handling of the riots.  Despite the Nanavati Commission twice requesting the PMO to furnish the information the latter refused to do so on the ground that the correspondence was “highly confidential” and “senstive” and hence enjoyed immunity under the Official Secrets Act.  Even as the stalemate between the Commission and the PMO remained unresolved, an aggrieved citizen has recently filed an application before the CIC seeking a direction to the PMO to divulge the said correspondence under the newly legislated Right To Information Act (RTI). “Since the matter involved a citizen’s right to information and at the same time a Government’s right to withhold certain sensitive correspondence between two Constitutional authorities, it was decided to constitute a full Bench to adjudicate the matter,”. The five-member Bench of the CIC is expected to deliberate over the petition by the end of the week before issuing a notice to the PMO seeking its reply on the dispute. We have the rights to know why we should not know the real conversation between the two leaders. What really went on during the Gujrat riots did Vajpayee govt do enough to stop the riot or could have done anything better.


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