Price rise hits common man not the politicians

The Current price hike has effected every common people of India and the politicians are playing the price rise card to get votes. The opposition parties have not come out in open as their view about the price hike and what the govt. should do to control this rise in price of daily needs. BJP is sorting out its own internal problem so also some of their partners. But the worst thing is that the CPI and CPM which always projects them as the party of farmers and labourers have not done anything constructive rather they are blaming congress for the price hike. The left parties as usual oppose every Govt’s policy but do not want to withdraw their support as they know they will not gain anything if they come out of UPA. SJP till yesterday was threatening to withdraw support from the Govt. is now saying they will not come out till the left parties are part of UPA. The Congress is not left far behind they called a emergency meeting of its memebers and have passed a resolution that they will ask the Govt to control this price hike. The poor citizens of India are so confused that they do not know whom to believe and whom not. But one thing is clear this price hike never effects these politicians and thus they really do not care about their voters. Can anyone tell these politicians that we common people want our basic needs solved and not any political gimmick to garner votes. Let us see how the Govt. of India will solve this price hike. Let them not forget if the people of India could punish the vajpayee govt for the rise in Onion price it could do the same to the present Manmohan Singh’s Govt.


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