Another Temple Cleaning Ritual In Row In Kerala

Meera Jasmine

Kerala is having one more temple cleaning ritual in hand. After Kannada actor Jaimala’s entry into Sabarimala temple created much furore, the popular Raja Rajeshwara temple at Thaliparamba in north Malabar in Kerala underwent a ‘cleansing ritual’ to rid itself of the ‘impurities’ posed by the entry of non-Hindu actor Meera Jasmine.

The Christian actor made offerings at the famous temple and paid obeisance to Lord Raja Rajeshwara, the presiding deity, sparking off a protest by Hindu devotees. She was accompanied by Govindan Kutty, co-producer of the Mohanlal film Vadakkumnathan. Some temple functionaries recognised Meera and asked about her religious status. Though her co-artistes said Meera had converted to Hinduism, she later denied this.

According to her she had sought prior permission from temple officials for entering the shrine, a claim the temple authorities denied. “She had called up about her intention to come but was told non-Hindus are not allowed in the temple,” said T T K Devaswam Board president E P Harijayanandan Namboodaripad.

Sources close to the actor said the temple administration has asked her to deposit Rs 10,000 for the cleansing ritual. Film producer Govindan Kutty wasn’t available for comments.


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