No Politics This Time. Please Allow Mittal To Build Steel Plant

The steel baron, LN Mittal of Mital Steel announced his intention to set up a 12 million tonne steel plant in two phases in Orissa and hoped to sign an agreement to this effect with the state shortly.

According to Mittal the total investment in the plant could be of the order of Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 crore. And he indicated that the company has dropped a proposal to set up a plant in Jharkhand of equal capacity because of the delays in Ranchi and instead concentrate on Orissa.

Mr Naveen Patnaik should now wake up and allow his state to develop. Due to his silence, many things are going away from his hand. Jharkhand is waiting for this oppurtunity, while Mital is showing intrest in Orissa.

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One Response to “No Politics This Time. Please Allow Mittal To Build Steel Plant”

  1. Abhishek Says:

    Just about as much as your state needs development, it also needs its people for whom the development is meant. I find this post of yours seriously lacking in substantiated arguments but then you have started with an apolitical premise typical to de facto rightwingers. I would suggest that your understand your state’s political landscape, displacement issues, recurrent environmental needs. You could start with a dialogue with your fellow Oriyas from the region where the plant is scheduled to be set up. An EIA report on the Mittal plant by a non-corporate/non-corporate funded agency would also help you understand the impact the mining and related activities will leave not just on your state but also the world at large.

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