Can Cong regain UP?

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Congress the oldest party in Indian Politics is not a major force in UP. Once upon a time it use to rule the state but with time it has reduced to minority in state politics. With emergence of small regional parties based on caste and religion has taken the forefront. parties like SJP BSP have become very powerful in recent past. Any Govt in UP has to have one of this party in its coalition. Congress wants to regain its power in UP and after some success in Amethi and Rae Bareli the party has found some inner belief that they can put a great fight this time in the assembly election. UP Congress must stop lending support to BSP or SP for survival, declared the state unit in-charge Ashok Gehlot. Rahul Gandhi has targeted UP as his favourite state and wants to put all his effort to regain and strengthen the party in the most important political state of the country. UP sends the highest number of members to the parliament and if Congress wants to rule the country they have capture this all important state in politics. Sonia Gandhi has already showed her intention by accusing the current SJP govt about the lack of law and order and development in the state. But can congress even dream of regaining this state. It will be a huge ask but leaders like Rahul Gandhi who is young and promising should be able to atleast put a brave fight.


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