Is Sena-BJP right to damage public property?

The maharashtra Govt. has got only 24 hours to find out the culprit who desecreted the statue of Meenatai the late wife of Bal Thackeray. The sena and BJP disrupted the normal life yesterday they even burnt a state transport bus in Nasik and a private bus in Mumbai. They even threw stone and destroyed public services. They were very angry that the Govt. did not do much to protect their leaders statue. But to be fair to the Govt, there are as many as 1500 statues through out the state and if Govt, starts protecting even statues like this than the Govt. will be not able to protect common man and there will be law and order problem. The Govt. is trying to nab the culprits, but to worsen the situtaion the Revenue minister and former Sena head Narayan rane said that this was the `handiwork’ of Sena to gain political mileage. “Meenatai was revered by all and nobody would commit such an act…May he be of any caste or religion. She was like a mother to all of us.. She was a very saintly lady,” . For past one year Sena hasn’t got any good issue so they did this to take emotional benefit. But whatever is the real issue our question to the Sena-BJP party that are they right to destroy private and public property and spread a sense of fear in the common man? Is this the way Gndhiji showed us for agitation?


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