Mumbai is united in 7/11- no politics please


Mumbai is shocked after serial balsts rocks in the western route of the local trains. The first blast occurred in a first-class compartment of a local train near Khar station at 6.24 p.m and six more had occurred within the next 11 minutes all on trains or at or near railway stations. The other blasts occurred at Mira Road, Matunga, Santa Cruz, Jogeshwari, Borivili and Bhayendar railway stations. All explosions were reported to have taken place in first class compartments of trains at a time when a large chunk of the commercial capital is returning home from office.

Atleast 137 killed people killed and hundreeds of people are injured. This is the act of some well organised terrorist. But the common people of Mumbai agains showed to these terrorists they are united when tested. It was seen everyone were trying to help the victims in all the blast sites. People came out and tried to help police fire brigade and other NGOs to bring life back to normalcy. People of Mumbai again showed to the entire world that whatever these terrorist organistation try they cannot be devided. The only worry was politicians of India. When Mumbai is crying and trying to cope the situation BJP has accused UPA Govt. for the serial blasts. This is why we do not like politicians instead of trying to help the people and Govt to control the situation and help the victims they are trying to take political mileage from this unfortunate incidence. Shame on these politicians who only think about their vote bank. I wish the people of Mumbai stay united and help each other during this unfortunate incidence.


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