People Have The Right To Know The Real Truth

On Monday, not only was the party openly accused by revenue minister Narayan Rane of having plotted the desecration of the Meenatai Thackeray’s statue at Shivaji Park, it had to face similar censure from deputy cm R R Patil as well.Patil, who also holds the home portfolio, dropped hints in the assembly, saying that the Sena would be embarrassed if he began re vealing parts of the investigation into the incident. Rane, on his part, dropped another bombshell when he declared that he had reason to believe that the government and police had tacitly supported the Sena’s vandalism on Sunday. Rane air-dashed to Delhi and called on Congress president Sonia Gandhi to apprise her of the developments in the state. He reportedly expressed his displeasure over the fact that the home department had handled the situation with kid-gloves.


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