This is why Mumbai is great

Kindly forward this article to the people who have voted Mumbai as the rudest city in the world to show them that when it comes to helping no one in the world can ever & will ever be able to match India.

Dubai, U.A.E


It’s shocking and sad. Mumbai people stay together and show the world Mumbaiites can stay together in troubled times. My prayers with the injured and may God give strength to the families of the affected .

New York


We all Mumbaikars have gone thru a series of unfortunate events in this month and especially with the serial bombing in Mumbai’s lifeline changing it to the death row. Whatever are the intentions of the trouble makers but we all have stood strongly in order to help others. It took me almost 3 hrs to reach malad highway from bandstand Bandra. I thank the tempowala who gave me a lift till Andheri. I was overwhelmed to see Mumbaikars distributing biscuit packs and water to all the stranded commuters. My sincere thanks goes to the BEST for providing us buses wherever possible (as they always do),especially to the driver and conductor of the bus (route no.40) bearing no .”MH 01 LA 5841″ who handled every commuter with great help and support. These are the only government officials who really sweat out everyday, unlike the rude conductors of Delhi who sit (officially) at one place to sell ticket. Hats off to all those people who went out of there way to help other. Mumbaikars Rocks more than the Blasts”

Uday. H. Nazare
Malad (E),Mumbai


Dear Editor, It was an immense pleasure to know the spirit of the Mumbaikars and I think this has held the unity of such a fast and cast city at shaded hours. Certainly believing that “one should extend his arms when given an opportunity to give”, really wish I would have been there to make my contribution. My deep condolence and support to all the families who lost their family members. On a personal level I promise them to support them at my best.

Milind Arbatti


Salaam Mumbai This is the spirit of Mumbai, rightfully described in your article. Time and again Mumbai has shown the world unity in this diverse metropolitan city, Humanity at its peak. And its power to get back on its feet so very instantaneous. And they declare Mumbai as the rudest city in the world…. Can any city match its communal unity and generocity as always seen at the time of crisis? I salute the spirit of Mumbaites…

Amruta Samel


Dear editor,

Hearing the news I was very much shocked ….. but staying away from the home country and hearing all kind of good & gestures from our own Indian people… showing an example of Humanity…. YEH DESH APNA MAHAN HAI…. …..I LOVE U INDIA..

Dubai, UAE


What can I say… the spirit of Mumbaities in times of crisis never fails to AWE me… Makes me so proud to be a Mumbaikar… SALAM MUMBAI with all my heart… God Bless you all.



Indians will never be cowed down by senseless terrorism. Bravo for the comradeship of the Bombayites.

Avinash Singh


I take this opportunity to salute Mumbai and its residents for the wonderful support they have given to fellow Mumbaikars. Its rare to see so much of unity and it touches the heart to see how many are open to seeing a better world. Salaam Mumbai!

Mousumi Rao


3 Responses to “This is why Mumbai is great”

  1. Ajay Says:

    Mumbai has always proved a point to the entire world that they are united in crisises. The survey done by reader digest and the western world which showed Mumbai to be the World’s rudest city should learn a lesson that Mumbaikars can be the opposite and help each other in crisis. I do not think any other city ranked higher than Mumbai will show this type of spirit at the time of crisis. We have to salute every Mumbaikar for their effort to help others and remain calm collective and keep their spirits high at the time of crisis. Let us show the terrorist organisations that what ever they try they cannot break India. We are proud to be Indian and will bounce bank from any crisis.


    According to me there is no other city than mumbai in the world which has stood to such heights even after facing such tense situations.
    hats off to MUMBAIKARS.


    According to me there is no other city than mumbai in the world which has stood to such heights even after facing such tense situations.
    hats off to MUMBAIKARS.

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