No comunal fighting please?

The serial blast in Mumbai was very unfortunate and a sad event. The terrorists wanted to spread commuanl tention in India and thus they have targeted a specific section of the society. The people of Mumbai have proved the terrorist worng and stood united in the time of crisis. Hindus, muslim, sikh cristians all have joined hand and showed great spirit in the time of crisis. But the current even in Surat might change the entire situation VHP and Bajrang Dal men went on a rampage in a mosque in a sensitive area of the city on Thursday, ostensibly to protest against the terror attacks in Mumbai.  VHP and Bajrang Dal attacked the mosque at 5.30 pm. Activists of right-wing groups, who tapping the sense of outrage in this diamond centre over the death of several of its residents in Mumbai, entered the mosque and broke tubelights in the prayer area. Please can these politicians learn something from the citizens of India how to live in harmony. Why they want to politise the issue and make us fight against each other for their political gains. Please may I request all true Indians across community to stand tall and stay united in the time of crisis and take a lesson from the people of Mumbai to fight united against any crisis.


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