Should India have peace talks with Pakistan?

Everyone in India and pakistan wants peace but still not at the cost of innocent civilians lives. Both the sides the ordinary citizens think alike no one wants war and unrest across border. But the politicians in both the countries have draged this issue for so many years to take political mileage out of this conflict and transfer it to votes. But more often pakistan have proved that they talk one thing and do exactly the opposite. they tell the whold World that they will fight against terrorists where as everyone in the world knows that their land is the breeding ground for terrorists. India should never take Pakistan’s words seriously they are not a reliable nation. Lat time they met our former PM Vajpayee ji for peace talks and in the back ground they were preparing for Kargil war. Every time they talk of peace they are actually planning something nasty. this time also I am very sure that the serial blast in Mumbai would be having some connection with Pakistan. Our PM has done the right thing by cancelling all the peace talks for timebeing. Our condition to Pakistan should be crystal clear you end up terrorism and we can start talks till than forget any talks. They talk of demilatralising the LOC I would be not surprised they want the terrorist to enter our country freely and spread terror. We can never trust the Govt of Pakistan by saying this I am not saying anything against the citizens of Pakistan as they are also good people who genuinely want peace and prosperity.


2 Responses to “Should India have peace talks with Pakistan?”

  1. Indian Says:

    It is impossible for India-Pakistan to live peacefully as they are born to destroy each other.They have to go for an allout nuke war and see who survives.After this there will be peace and nothing but peace.

  2. True Indian Says:

    I agree with your comments and would like India to stop any friendly talks with Pakistan.They do not understand this language they only understand the language of war. Let us go on war and this time we will wipe out Pakistan from the World Map Jai Hind.

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