Is Nitish’s rule any different from Lalu’s rule?

After 15 years of misrule in Bihar everyone wanted change they wanted Lalu’s ouster. Nitish was given the chance by the people of Bihar who desperately want a good Govt. they had great hope from Nitish’s Govt. but with some current even in Bihar it is very hard to believe if there is any difference between Lalu’s rule and current Nitish’s rule. Nitish has some MLAs who have won election not becuase they were popular but they were very powerful in violence. They have now come out open and using their extra power against common man. they go to big hotle check in when ever and which ever room they want. than they use and abuse all the facilities in the hotel and do not care to pay. When some news reporter tried to cover this incidence they were threatened to death. Another MLA even hit the SSP of police this in front of the camera and the Govt cannot do anything as Nitish feels if he does anything his Govt will be gone. MLAs like Anand Mohan and Sunil Pande who openly threaten people and police officials and give death threat infront of the media shows that there is no difference between lalu’s rule and Nitish’s rule. Should the people of Bihar do anything which can stop this misrule, I doubt they will ever get a good govt. Any political party they choose they will have leaders like these and will end up with a similar situation. they only way out is upto the political parties in Bihar to disown those leaders with criminal background and try to fight election with leaders who really are concerned about the people of Bihar. I think it will be big dream to see a good Govt in Bihar. I would like Nitish to step up and prove to the people of Bihar, he should atleast make an effort to give a good Govt.


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