Abhishek Bachchan – He struck gold again with KANK!

Has Abhishek Bachchan really matured as an actor? Well, judging by his performance in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK) I felt he put up a splendid show and was a refreshing experience to watching him get really intense in the role of an ever supportive and caring husband whose on screen wife Rani Mukherjee just didn’t seem to appreciate it without no good reason! Abhishek looks matured, charismatic and puts up a performance at par with likes of Shahrukh Khan and the supreme Amitabh Bachchan. Does our readers agree too?


BJP who do you support RSS or Narendra Modi?


With growing rift between RSS and Narendra Modi BJP is finding it hard to say who they are supporting. RSS has been sidelined by Modi in Gujrat and there has been numerous instances where we can see the rift. The relief work for gujrat floods were not given to RSS cadre to distribute rather Swadhyay Parivar activists were entrusted by Modi. During the recent Rath Yatra in Bhavnagar, the district administration was instructed by top men in Gandhinagar not to allow the procession to take place with the weapons of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. Among those who sat in protest against the government move were well-known RSS supporters Haribhai Kordaliya, former BJP OBC cell chairman, and ex-state BJP chief Rajendrasinh Rana. The yatra could proceed only after they sat on dharna for four hours.

RSS on its part did not bother to call narendra Modi though the meeting was held in Gujrat they just send the invite on post and did not bother to hand over personaly to CM as per the normal norms. Modi did not attend this meeting and now to show his strength he suspended Nithin Bhatt a senior BJP leader and a close aide of RSS. Modi and RSS both are tryiung their ways to show who is the real messiah for the hidus and hindutva ideology. But the confusion is whom the BJP as a party support Modi or RSS?

Dessert in Floods and CM not to be seen


The nature God has not been kind on India as most of the states had to suffer from floods. The worst thing is the desert state of rajasthan is on floods and neither the CM nor any local adminstration. the poor people of the desert district of rajasthan who have not seen so much rain or water for four generation did not know how to react. Most of them even do not know to swim with the floods affecting most of the areas has left them homeless and without food and basci needs. The official figures the death toll to be atleast 130 but the reality is much more. The people of rajasthan are desperately in need of help but they aren’t getting any they are looking for their favourite princess and honourable CM for help but she is not to be seen nor her adminstration has done anything. The MET department had not even bothered to give a flood warning to the people of Rajasthan. may I tell our honourable CM the people who loved you so much and who voted you to power if need be can remove you from the post. Please do something for these affected people they are really in need of your help. My request to all the readers of this site do your best for the affected people of Rajasthan.

BJP leave we Indians to sing Vande Mataram, why Politics?


BJP please find out some real issue for elcetion in UP and I really do not know how they cannot find any issues against Mulayam’s misrule. It is really shame that our most favourite song Vande Matarm has been draged into politics. If you ask any student in school or college would feel proud to sing Vande Mataram but you politician make us think about the religious aspect from the song. I as a student and till now feel really proud to sing this song and will sing for ever but I would not like anyone to force me to sing. I was born in a free country and have got freedom of speech I should have the rights to say or sing what I like. So I do not know why the politicians are forcing this issue and where does it say if I do not sing Vande Mataram I am a antinational. Infact I would consider most of the politicians of today anti national as they sing our national song but do not follow a single word from the song.

I would like to ask Mr Rajnath Singh as where does it say just becuase you do not sing Vande mataram you cannot live in this country. Our India is always known for her tolerence to religion and we the citizens of India feel proud for this unity in diversity. Please do not drag this issue for political benefits and concentrate on real issue like basic needs for the people of UP and especially the detiorating law and order in the state. The people of UP need development, employment, basic utilites and better law and order in the state. BJP if they really think about the people of UP please make this as your poll issue and make sure you fulfill your poll promises you would win the election and we would respect you as a great party and the real party for the people of UP and India. Please leave us to descide what we want to do and do not try to devide us in the name of nationalism. Vande Mataram

Bihar’s street fight in Delhi’s Parliament

Today was the black day in India’s parliament’s history, it all started when a Janta Dal (united) MP brought up the point that the central Govt was interfering in Bihar and was trying to save some relative of lalu yadav. He aleged that the rape case of seven ladies shown in the media were the acts of previous RJD govt and its leaders. This did not go well and the RJD MPs started to shout and trying to make their point that it was nothing to do with them rather Nitish Govt was responsible for this shameless act. The JD(u) MP Prabhunath Singh even directly took Lalu’s name and used foul language in return lalu also was very angry and abused the Prabhunath Singh. The speaker tried his best to stop this mess but unfortunately all his pleas fell to deaf ears and thus he had to adjourn the house. But as soon as the speaker left the house RJD MP Sadhu Yadav and Prabhunath caught each others collar and Sadhu yadav was about to punch Prabhunath but by than some other MPs came in between and tried to stop this mess. It took atleast 15 minutes to stop this fighting.

But can anyone tell me what happened to the real issue of those seven ladies who were raped, did anyone even bother to give justice to these poor ladies. It is really a shame to say that we have voted these MPs who make laws for us and they themselves break and do not bother to follow. My request to all the voters of Bihar please cast your vote to the right leader irrespective of any party. It was really a blot on the parliament’s history and we should all be ashamed as we had elected these leaders to represent us. What is your view on this street fight in Parliament?

Our Solar System will have Eight planets instead of Nine


It will be soon taught to students in schools and colleges that our Solar System has eight planets instead of Nine. Leading astronomers has approved new guidelines under which Pluto will be no longer be considered a planet. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was always unders discussion whether it should have been a planet due to the size and the orbit on which it rotates. The new rule under which any object can be considered to be planet is “a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.”

Pluto is disqualified because its oblong orbit overlaps with Neptune and thus it will be called or classed as dwarf planets or minor planets. So now our students will be taught that our Solar System has eight planets and not Nine and more. What difference will it make for you, what is your view?

Mandal II what is your view?

The cabinet has passed the OBC quota bill which will give 27% reservation in all educational institutions barring some special ones run by the central Govt. But this has not gone well with the upper caste students who are already struggling because of the quota given to SC/ST students. I personally do not agree with the Govt. view as I think education should be kept away from religion sex caste and creed. If the Govt thinks just becuase someone is from backward cast should be allowed to study medical engg or any other specail courses it is wrong.My view is that the Govt. should give privledge to students who are not economically not sound irrespective of religion sex caste and creed. The Govt should not help them in lowering the standard of the exams for their entry rather they should help these students by giving scholarship or free tution fees and many other ways. Let all students get to a school or college because of their merrit not because they belong to some religion or caste. There is a famous saying if you give peanuts you will get monkeys same rule apply if we lower the standard of exams for the bacward caste than tomorrow you will see Doctors searching for the brain in our knees. We say we are fast growing developing country but still have castism and the worst thing is the Govt creates this by giving special privledge to certain caste. What is your say on this bill?