Is Jaswant Singh anti national?
Jaswant Singh the former foriegn affairs minister wrote in his book many controversial things but the most important thing is that he knew someone in PMO’s office who leaked about India’s nuclear programme to US and had to be stopped by former PM Narshima Rao. But till now He has not mentioned his/her name, first he told to the press that he will write this to PM Manmohan Singh and than he told he will reveal to media. But till now neither He has told to PM nor to the media. It has wasted most valuable time of the parliament who has time and agains asked jaswant to clarify the issue and name the person who is a mole in the PMO’s office. He was wasted valuable time of the Parilament it looks like he wanted to get mileage for his book and wanted it to be made popular so that he can have his personal gain out of the book. BJP the party known for its ideology has supported Jaswant where as they never supported its former President Bangaru Laxman who is cuaght in the Tehlka case. he was caught taking money for the party but the same party did not help him and sidelined him but they are supporting Jaswant who can be termed anti national if he is hiding something or someone who had leaked our country’s secret. Let BJP and Jaswant better come out clean and explain to the people who si the mole or what is the real issue was it made up story for sale of his book. Even the PM has asked him in the upper house of the Parliament to name the mole but still he remain silent. That clearly shows who is anti national and which party is full of ideology and who are patriotic. People will only judge and punish those people and party who either support anti nationals or reamin silent on this topic.


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