Silence is the solution for CPM’s problems

No one would have ever thought that sports will create such a impact on politics. The entire opposition in West Bengal were shocked to see that what they could not do in three decades was achieved by a single man. Jagmohan Dalmiya single handedly won the election against the might of the powerful CM of West Bengal. His victory did not go well with the CM and he declared Dalmiya to be a evil man and asked him to leave his post. But this comments did not go well within his own party and his cabinet colleagues and they voiced ther dissatisfication in media. This went to the extent that the opposition felt they could gain out of this controversy. The best part of this election was most of the opposition parties did not know what did Dalmiya do that he won the election against all the odds which neither Mamta nor Pranab can ever dream. Soon the CPM big boss realised that the opposition will be only benefited by this internal fued and descided that no one will comment on this topic. Biman Bose said “Henceforth, no minister or party representative will pass comments on the CAB issue. It is behind us.” This is the first time we saw some internal fighting in CPM in West Bengal. Opposition will surely try to take advantage of this and hit when required but for time being CPM has set ths issue by asking its party to keep silence. Sometimes silence speaks louder than voice and lets hope this silence is good for Bengal’s Cricket.


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