CM take a leaf from Alvira ( Abantika) Book of Devotion


A Russian Woman who is a devotee of Lord Jagarnath has learnt Oriya in just 6 months which our Honourable CM could not do in 6 years. She has not only mastered the art of speaking Oriya, but also sings hymns by Jaydev, Salabega and Banamali and the Geet Govind with perfection. And all this within a span of just six months. On the other hand, Patnaik has spent six years in the CM’s office but is still unable to speak his mother tongue. It proves that if you are devoted and have the will power to learn something you can do it no matter how hard it is. But I think our CM does not want to learn Oriya might be he considers Oriya to be a inferior language. She wanted to be learn about Lord Jagarnath so she learnt Oriya within six months. She did not go for any formal tuition in the language but always tried to speak it. It is not difficult to learn it.

An Iskcon devotee, she visits Puri at least thrice a year. Abantika recently became the first foreigner to perform Oriya songs at Lion’s Gate, the main entrance of  Jagannath Temple, at a concert during snan purnima . She also mesmerised the audiences at the International Peace and Harmony Congress here. ‘‘She was very fast in learning Oriya songs. She has a sweet voice and her pronunciation of Oriya words is quite similar to ours,’’ said Nalini Kanta Nayak, a music teacher at the city-based Meera Music School Abantika attended music classes at Nalini’s school for 22 days.

Bhubaneswari Mishra said ‘‘I was surprised to see that she could sing religious songs so comfortably. I have trained four foreigners so far, but Abantika was the best,’’ Abantika said “While chanting or listening to religious songs based on Jagannath, I feel his presence within me,’’ she said. ‘‘ I became emotional while singing in the concert at Lion’s Gate.’’ She wants to spread Jagannath culture to the world. ‘‘I have been visiting various countries to preach Jagannath culture.’’


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