Politicians can change colour more than a Chameleon

See the true politicians of India how they change their colour as per the situation. Till now the opposition was behind the Govt to find out the the truth behind the Volcher report and punish the people who were involved in this scam. It was due to the same opposition pressure Natwar had to resign just becuase his and his son Jagat’s name was in the Volcher report. But now after the Pathak report has come out the same opposition has changed their stance and now backing Natwar against the Govt. They have a point that the report should not have leaked to the media but they are now trying to protect him and field him against PM Manmohan Singh and Congress. Amar Singh who is well known as a king maker and a broker between politician and industrialists. he is trying to take the maximum mileage from the this controversy and make a issue so that he and his SJP party can take advantage in the coming assembly polls. They are already fighting against a resurgent and upbeat congress in the state. The NDA and BJP who were till now the arch rivals of Natwar are behind him just because he can break the congress vote bank. My question to all these politicians that in one hand we say that the corrupt people should be punished whereas on the other hand they are trying to shield the same people whose name has come out in the Pathak report. I have nothing against Natwar he has all rights to be upset about the leaking of the Pathak report but I do not agree the way he is trying to take advantage of the situation and hide the fact that whether he had anything to do with the ilegal benefit from oil for food programme. My request to all the politicians of India for once try to stick to your stance and tell the people of India what they really think on any issue rather than trying to take advantage of the situation.


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