Mr Natwar this is the real BJP

Natwar Singh has fell out with congress party where he has been a active member for more than 40 years and had been senior ministers under various congress govt. He was foriegn minister under Manmohan Singh’s cabinet but after his name figured in Volcker report he had to resign after constant appeal from the opposition parties especially the BJP. But now after the Pathak report been leaked to the media the same opposition has falsely made Natwar to believe that they were behind him and he should protest against Congress and Manmohan Singh. Natwar did the same and said various thing against Manmohan Singh and thus were suspended from the primary membership of the party. Now BJP is finding it really hard to explain ther stance on this issue as they were the party who wanted the Govt to punish the people who were part of this scandal. Now that the Pathak report has blamed Natwar and his son Jagat in the scam BJP does not want to send wrong signal to the people of India that they are supporting a man who is found guilty by Pathak commison. Natwar has now realised who are behind him and who are taking advantage of the situation so he has asked for a meeting with PM manmohan Singh to sort out the differences. But BJP has forgotten that the people of India are not that stupid to understand what is the real truth and how they were planning to take political mileage from this issue.


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