Is India too weak to handle Terror problem?

India has been under terror attack for last three decades and still it has to prove time and again have to prove the entire World that they are been targeted by the terrorists. After 9/11 the entire world started to take serious note that there is terrorist problem. Is this because it happened to US? because all these time we were shouting that Pakistan is behind all this terrorist attacks in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and other states in the Nort and West of India bordering pakistan. But US and other western country use to say that it is freedom struggle rather than terrorist attacks. But now since it was targeted to US and other Western country everyone is behind these terrorists and their various organsiation. Every country in the World knows as Pakistan is a breeding ground for various terrorists organisation but no one has the guts or willing to take action against them as they are a good friend of US. India on its part hasn’t proved too strong either in handling these problem. Our defence force has done exceptional job in controling this and fighting these terrorists but our Judicary is not done much to prove a point to these terrorists.

Everyone knows about the serial blasts in Mumbai in 1993 but till now after 13 years still the Judicary hasn’t punished anyone and moreover there are still 30 main culprits of this attack living freely in various countries. We are still postponning the date for this and now we have to wait till September to find out if anyone will be punished. The current serial balst in Mumbai was another attack by the terrorists and still after one month of the attack our police and intelligence haven’t found out any concrete prove of who the real person behind this attack and how did they managed to mastermind such a high scale of attack. This type of examples are setting wrong eamples and the terrorist organisations are growing confidence with the lack of power from Govt of India. The opposition has blamed the current UPA govt and the PM as a weak Govt. and has balmed the changes on law as the reason for these attacks. Why India cannot take some firm steps and punish the culprits show that the terrorists will be terrified to even think of ploting anything against India?

Is India too weak to handle terror attack? Is the Judicary of India needs to modify its law and take some steps to take descision and punish the culprit in short period rather than draging cases for years together. My solution is we the citizens of India can take a pledge that we will not be afraid of these terrorists and fight back like the people of Mumbai.


One Response to “Is India too weak to handle Terror problem?”

  1. jaymin Says:

    I will not say that India is weak to handle terrorism. However, it would be appropriate to say that it has been crippled by unimaginable standards of beauraucracy, corruption and lack of selfless commitment towards the cause of erradication of terrorism. We need to first understand that fight against terrorism is not at par with fighting a war on a country. Terrorists do not have a face or physical presence as such which one can target. Terrorism is an ideology, which has a vicious nature of affecting minds and turning a normal human being in to a dangerous individual with highly destructive mindset. To irradicate terrorism from its grass roots,we need to study how and why a normal person’s mind gets transformed by this ideology to such an extent that they no longer have any conscience left and hold no fear of death. We need to study the specific reasons why an individual willingly turns in to a terrorist and need to work towards doing something to address those issues specifically. Terrorist groups cannot work on their own. They get support from big powers of the world which makes it even more difficult to erradicate this evil. I again come to the conclusion that its in the hands of political leaders of the world to understand and take extreme measures towards wiping out terror from the minds of people. In our perspective, we as a country need to become more bold and stand up to our individual problems ourselves without relying on the West. No influence is more than the influence of our own people when it comes to national security.

    Comming to the issue of Mumbai blasts of 1993 and 7/11, it clearly is the case of lack of accountability at all levels which has been an inbuilt proplem in our culture since the independence. When an individual starts to believe that he/she is above the law, then it depicts the downfall of that system as a whole. A country may manage to survive this downfall, but its people will never be content and satisfied. Beauraucracy and corruption and lack of responsibility can be compared to Terrorism in a way as both of them are ideologies and very easy to manifest in a mind. This problem also needs to be dealt on the same scale as terrorism. Terrorism is an extreme form wherein it harms masses on intense scale and immediate basis. Beauraucracy and corruption are the same form of poisionous ideology as terrorism which affects slowly but on a broader scale. Unless we as individuals do something and start questioning our self and our conscience and our duty towards our motherland, no outer power or force can help us solve these problems.Jai Hind.

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