Does anyone know what Khasmiris want?

India has been constantly fighting against the terrorists from across the border. Pakistan has been breeding terrorists to fight against India in the name of Kashmiri Independence. Has anyone ever thought or asked what the real Kashmiris want. Pakistan says that since Kashmir has majority of muslim population they should be given to Pakistan. Where as India is saying Kashmir is a integral part of India and has all rights to be with India. But due to this politics and fighting between the neighbours the real people of Kashmir has been suffering from law and order problem, terrorism and many other problems. The state has been witnessing three decades of terrorism and lawlesness. India hasn’t also done well our defence and armed forces instead of protecting the people of Kashmir they got involved in various crimes and attrocities on the Kashmiris. They raped, looted and harashed innocent civilians by the time the Govt. could do anything the Kashmiris had already lost faith in India’s adminstartion and many youth had taken arms and wanted to fight their own freedom. Pakistan and some of the terrorist organistation took advantage of this and provoked the youth mass to fight against Indian adminstartion.

Now the Govt. has realised and in the last few years it is making a serious effort to regain confidence of the local kashmiris and try to sort out their primary problem like education, employment and tourism. India has started gaining and have made great inroads to win heart of the Kashmiris. Pakistan has realised this and is trying its best to break this confidence by all possible way  and they train more and more terroristswho can create havoc in Kashmir and disrupt normalcy in Kashmir. It is trying to prove the world that it is a freedom struggle and the Kashmiris want to be with Pakistan and India by force is not allowing this to happen. Let me ask those Pakistanis you have most of the Kashmir called POK which is a breeding ground ofr terrorists, development in those areas is totally nothing, there is no education, employment not even basic needs like clean water. Are they planning to make our Kashmir the same way as most of Pakistan where if you ask water you get bullets. Where there is no democracy no freedom of speech. Let the Kashmiris descide what they want they are literate and well civilised to understand what they really need. To be in India and grow as a integral part of the country and have great future, they can express their views freely and have the rights to elect their own leader. Or be with pakistan and reamin in the threat of a dectator and cannot even ask for basic rights.


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