How do you rate your Railway Minister Lalu Yadav?
Lalu Yadav the former CM of Bihar is always known for his bold talks and humor in his speach. He ruled Bihar for 15 years and during his regin he was known as a king maker and was actively involved in the third front in the centre. But the worst thing for Lalu during this period was his involvement in various scams specaily the fodder scam. But he swiftly transfered his post to his wife which would be a blot in the history of Bihar. But after long struggle the entire opposition and few ambitious leaders like Paswan tied up to oust lalu from Bihar. They were sucessful in doing so but still the real issue of Bihar hasn’t changed still the law and order is detiorating every day. There is no sign of development or employment the people of BIhar who voted for Nitish does not find any difference from the previous Lalu’s rule.

But if we take Lau as the railway minsiter of India he hasn’t done bad and even his critics are finding it hard to explan how he could manage this post so well. His ideas are really taken well by the comuters his clay pot venture for tea and coffee has been really a great idea not only the commuters are happy small scale industries and the dying potters industry has got a great boost. his ever presence at scenes of accident also have been taken well by the victims of these accidents. The relief and compensation schemes has also worked well and the ministry has done well to implement it to the best of their capability. But the most important think is whenever we talk of Lalu we picturise him as a iletrate or backward type of person but his schemes of not increasing the fares to commuters in the general and sleeper class has worked well. Specially after the terror attack in Mumbai he explained his plans to implement in all railways the security system in airports is no doubt a ambitious plan but it is great idea and modern thinking and if we really put an effort it can work and India will show the entire world India is just not growing in IT but also improving in infrastructure of its pubilic utilities. I have to salute Lau Yadav the railway minster of India for his great ideas and would request him to implement these ideas because i still believe he can only fulfill these plans. How do you rate your Railway minister Lalu Yada?


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