Who we want as our next PM?

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India which is growing rapidly compared to many developing countries in the World is still not happy with its current PM. This is according to a recent survey by medial poll. The survey was conducted on various topics and the most important thing came out of the survey si that who the country want to see as their next PM. Sonia Gandhi came out as the hot favourite followed by much loved Vajpayee, our current PM Manmohan Singh was a distant third but the worst news for BJP and NDA is that their leader L K Advani was far behind with just 1.9%. But the citizens of India cannot get their first two choices as Sonia did not became the PM last time and does not look like she will accept the post even if Congress regains power. Now it is to the second choice of Vajpayee as far as him and his party is concerned the survey does not show that the BJP and NDA is likely to win the election and moreover Vajpayee has already signaled his wish of L K Advani to takeover the charge. Now since Advani is no where near to the first two choice it will be Manmohan the favourite to the post of PM if Congress comes to Power.

The survey showed : Congress president Sonia Gandhi is the most preferred candidate for the prime minister’s post while a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was India’s best bet, according to a media poll Saturday. Gandhi scored 27.9 percent. Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the second choice with 18.5 percent while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was third with 12 percent respondents rooting for him. Only 1.9 percent voted for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani as their choice of prime minister.

According to another survey by CNN IBN-The Hindu ‘State of the Nation poll’ was conducted by the Centre for Studies of Developing Societies (CSDS) across 19 states with over 14,000 samples covering a large section of rural India. Asked which coalition would come to power if elections are held today, 44 percent voted for the UPA, 31 percent for the National Democratic Front (NDA) and 11 percent for a Left Front. Respondents also felt that the Congress party would emerge as the single largest party. Asked about the performance of the UPA government, 59 percent said they were satisfied while 22 percent expressed dissatisfaction. The respondents were not happy with the government’s approach towards ‘aam aadmi’ (common man). Forty-five percent said the price rise scene has worsened along with national security. On asked which was the better government – the UPA or the NDA – 35 percent voted for the UPA and 24 percent for the NDA.

In summary to this survey it will be safe to say though the UPA Govt. is favourite for the next polls but it is not due to their allround good governance but the failure of BJP and NDA to show the public that they could have done better. This is not a very positive signal we want to request the Manmohan Govt. to get their acts together and give a good governance to the people of India. Please do not take the voters for granted and do as per your people friendly manifesto of Aam Admi. Hopefully in the coming days our honourable PM takes a lesson from this survey and do some good things.


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