Are we playing with our Youth’s future?

A very shocking incidence has come to light police has found that University papers were examined by young children who are not even qualified to go to University. The most shocking thing is these papers were for MBA, Physiotherapy and many other advanced course examined by students who have only passed eighth, tenth or even BSC. The kids who were examining these answer sheets were only paid Rs 2 to Rs 5 per answer sheet thus they had to complete lots of papers in a short span of time to earn more. Some of the kids interviewed said they have completed 100 to 250 papers in a day. This shows the sorry state of our education system where the youth who will run the society in future is examined by kids. I feel really sorry for those University students who have really worked hard through out the year may not get good marks because the person who is examining just looks for number of lines he/she has written and clarity of his/her paper and good hand writing.

When asked about this to the University the Vice Chancellor had no knowledge and did not look like he was really very concerned about this scam which has been going on for some time. Now the students are agitated and have taken to the streets only to end up with Lathi charge from police. Are we saying to the World that our intellectuals are been examined by students who haven’t even gone to University. Why are we playing with the future of our youths who are the backbone of this country. Please can the education ministry step up and allow this to be investigated by CBI or some respected agency.


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