Happy Independence Day – Jai Hind

India is going to celebrate her 60th Independence day, but this Independence day everyone is more worried about the terrorist strike than any other basic problems. India has achieved a lot within this 60 years but still all our dreams are not fulfilled. We wanted all our people to have the basic things like food cloth and shelter, we have progressed in the right way but to develop from a developing country to a developed country we have to do a lot. Our economic growth is in the right direction but still we can only consider ourselves to be developed if all the citizens have their basic needs as well as education employment and right to leave peacefully. India is the biggest democratic country in the World and we are proud that irrespective of our differences all people irrespective of sex, creed, caste religion we live happily together. We respect each others religion and celebrate each other festivals. We have shown to the entire world that the principle of Unity in diversity works. On this Independence day can we take a pledge that Hindus, Muslim, Sikhs Cristians like we fought together for our Independence we will fight the same way against these terrorists and show to them they are coward and they can never win to spread terror as we are not afraid like them and attack innocent people. We will be united like the people of Mumbai and show to the World we can live together and if needed die for our country to save her from any internal or foriegn atacks. We are proud to be Indian – Jai Hind.


One Response to “Happy Independence Day – Jai Hind”

  1. jaymin Says:

    I completely agree with the poster’s comments above. India as the world’s largest democracy needs to stand up as a united mass of people and not disintegerate and make it easy for the terrorists across the globe as well as politicians within the country to target common man’s peace. Today, we are proud of our country’s economic progress, our military strength and stand tall with the feeling in our minds that whatever happens, India as a country is bound to be one of the leading powers of the world not just because of it becomming economically advance by the day, but also because of its potential to maintain the fundamental values that came with our culture, the values of humanity and peace. However, the world should not be in any sort of misconception that people of India are not concerned about the current influx of terrorism that has grown beyond tollerable level. We the people of India are capable of and will stand up to the call of duty whenever needed to safeguard out motherland from such cowardly acts of terrorists. Following on the speach of CM Abdul Kalam, I would like to comment that politically India needs to make its stand a bit stronger and adopt Zero Tollerance policies against terrorism. Fight against terrorism has to be fought valiantly and with war level urgencies. India already has cutting-edge Intelligence resource and has means to crub voilence in all shapes and form and hence, there is no doubt about its capabilities to eradicate terrorism from the country. However, all is in the hands of leading political parties and on this Independence Day celeberation, I pray to God to gift us with more selflessness and more sense of duty towards our motherland and hope that political scenario of the country manages to handle this suituation with utmost criticality and honour the sacrifice that has been made by our freedom fighters. Jai Hind.

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