Why Blame Narendra Modi for Surat Floods?

Narendra Modi the CM of Gujrat has never been my favourite CM and neither I like his policies. But I really di not like to see his own BJP members criticise him for the distribution of relief work in Surat. I can agree that the CM is responsible for most of the descisions but is it practicaly possible for him to monitor every thing. He may not have been a good CM to control law and order and have not been fair on minorities but in this case He would never think of not doing enough for the flood affected people in Gujrat. So let us ask the same people who are raising this point that the CM hasn’t done enough can they tell why they are still in the same party and what they have done from their side to make sure that the relief work is carried out smoothly. Please let the people deal with their problem in their own way. Please politicians do not bake your bread on our fire and get political mileage from our problem. If you cannot solve our issue do not drag it for your own political gain. Can I request Narendra Modi to help the people of Surat irrespective of their sex, caste and religion. I would request all Gujrati Bhais all over the world to help the people of Surat who are affected by this flood.


17 Responses to “Why Blame Narendra Modi for Surat Floods?”

  1. niju bhatti Says:

    i am niraj bhatti from rajkot
    i am student in collage in t.y. b.com
    i want to talk with to our c.m. mr.narendra modi therefor plz. say him
    my mobile number is 98246 90801

  2. niju bhatti Says:

    narendra modi is gret c.m. for gujrat
    no c.m. like this n. m. and i hope he get good decition for surat

  3. Amit Kumar Says:

    Modi is no more than a racist, ill-hearted and vicious politician, sucking on the bloods of the poor people of India and breaking up communities. It is because of people like him that society in general suffer. I cannot understand the mentality of those that support this creature other than the fact that they are un-educated and bought out by a few rupees. Our fore fathers and the great men of India such a Ghandi will be turning in their graves.

  4. Amit Kumar Says:

    Niju – Kindly clarify what is so great about this creature MODI? I call Modi Great… a Great Monster and decietful man to ever live on this earth. He ranks highly with the Great war mongers and War Lords like Sharon, Bush and Blair.

  5. Ajay Says:

    Amit – I agree with you that he does not have a clean image and is not good towards minorities but still in this issue of surat floods it is not good for his own party leaders to criticse Modi as they have selected him as their leader and if something is not working they should make sure it works rather than playing blame game. It is very easy to balme someone but it is really hard for those leaders to do something for the affected people of Gujrat. Lets hope the NGO’s come out and help the people of Gujrat as they do not have much hope from any politicians.

  6. Harish Lad Says:

    Mr. Amit,
    This is highly unethical to call somebody un-educated just because they support Narendra Modi. I think this unlawful blame you are making in this country because you have freedom of speech. You have compared Mr. Modi with Sharon, Bush and Blair. Pls let us know where he did attacked or what war he took with anybody. People in Gujarat became angry with ghastly episode of “Godhara kand”. Few people like you call it as preplanned by Modi. I want to ask them why Muslims attacked the Firefighters and fire brigrade if the incidence was an accident.
    Don’t forget he was elected by people and he will again resume as c.m. if people of gujarat wishes.
    Unfortuately in India people are not fitted for Democracy. They still belive in Kingdomship and they belive that only Gandhi family and their “chamchas” can rule India.
    I think you must brush your mind so that you come to know what kind or crature you are.

  7. Sudesh Says:

    Dear readers,

    Being a democratic country everbody has the right to write and criticize abt the person they dont like, but as far as our respectful CM is concerned i dont beleive in party’s but the i believe in a true leader and that is our Gujarat’s CM Hon. Narendrabhai Modi. At the age of 30 i have voted 12 times but the last vote was my precious vote whcih came with a result on electing a great man like NM. Thanks for his endless efforts to develop and reshaping the Gujarat.

  8. Narendra Patel Says:


    hum apke bahut acche mitra hai , Hum ye Msg.hindi mai isliya bhje te hai kiyun ki hum ek Hindu Hai, us ke bad main Gujrati hu, ME ek bar apse bat karna chahta hun to Krupa karake muje phone karana(agar aap pas waqt ho to) ya phir muje Email karana
    by proffessional hu Accountant chu Mota bhai C.A.che emni sathe hu prectise kar chu, jo tamne samay hoy to mane phone karjo Mane tamari sathe vat karvi gamse ane hu pan gujarat ne bahu chahu chu, jai jai garavi gujrat jai shri RAM Mob.No.09867248247

  9. jinan Says:

    Dear Amit,

    I have done My masters in electronics and com. from wellknown usa university. You can trust me that I am not uneducated person. I support leader Modi cause he knws how to develop.

    I guess this link will make you aware about his development. About Riots, It happened in Indian History before Gujarat riots, Yaa but They never stopped this quickly that stopped in Gujarat. Gujarat has gone through earthquake, riots, flood…many problems..but the development has never been stoped. I support him cause of his firm decisons making. Thanks.


  10. Arjun Says:

    Mr. CM. Narendra Modi, is the most modern barbarian…i ever heard. His brothers are Goerge Bush, Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden and Hitler.
    Jai Modi..Long live..

  11. keyur Says:

    amit-i dont know who r u?but one thing is sure that you need to rethink about narendra modi.may be u r not mature enough to understand the situations created in gujarat.one after other…gujarat faced alot of problems since 2001..but still ahmedabad announced as a mega city,you can imagine what kind of role NM has played in this 5 years.we always raising fingers towards other but now its time to rethink and we should consider the positive works done by NM..may be he made some mistakes..so what?its not easy to work as CM of gujarat?but he has done a gr8 job..i should say :BRUSH YOUR MIND DUDE..dont blame on NM.first do somethin for your state and then give your opinion.

  12. shoppingsurat Says:

    Narendra Modi is the best chief minister of India whether we like it or not. Recently BJP president Rajnath singh told in a press conference that all chif ministers should learn a lesson from him. Recently he had come Surat. He told that Surat Diamonds and Surat Textile industries are two hands for Surat and He will do alot for these industries.

  13. chirag Says:


    hum apke bahut acche mitra hai , Hum ye Msg.hindi mai isliya bhje te hai kiyun ki hum ek Hindu Hai, us ke bad main Gujrati hu, ME ek bar apse bat karna chahta hun to Krupa karake muje phone karana(agar aap pas waqt ho to) ya phir muje aapka number email karo (chiggi_1988@yahoo.com)
    hu ek dimond ni office ma kam karu chhu (jb&brothers) jo tamne samay hoy to mane phone karjo Mane tamari sathe vat karvi gamse ane mare tamne kaik khas vat pan karvi chhe mate jarur phone karjo hu pan gujarat ne bahu chahu chu, jai jai garavi gujrat jai shri RAM Mob.No.9725723883

  14. Ankit Says:

    Dear Readers,

    I dont like Indian politicians, but I do respect Modi for his work in Gujrat. Can anyone tell me why Gujrat is the safest place to live in India? Why Surat is the best city to live in Gujrat adter Chandigarh? How those Indian banajras got house and their children got admission in Gujrat? How affective the Surat Flood relief plan was? When the flood came, the water was there till 1st floor and within a month Surat came back as if nothing happened there. Modi faced lot of criticism that he wont be able to handle and he did that too in 1 month which was believed impossible by Congress. There are very few politicians in India who are really devoted to their work, like Mr. Manmohan singh, Mr. Chidambram and Mr. Modi. Because these people believe in themselves and take decisions. They are educated. It does not matter whether we have a young or old minister untill and unless he/she works.
    By the way, what happened in Godhra was just ans answer to those people who were trying to make Mini Pakistans in Indian gullyz. I dont know whether you people are aware or not but there were and are many places in Gujrat and other places in India where there are huge qty of muslims residing and they dont allow or scare hindus from entering. In Gujrat also there were some places where they literally killed hindus. Modi gave an answer to them. Now there is not a single place in Gujrat like this and he developed those areas into nice places and also gave good houses to Muslim people living there. If someone is living in India, they should respect India and should not try to make Pakistan here. Its not that I dont like Muslims. I have so many good Muslim friends. What matters is attitude. People like this should be thrown out of this country.


  15. Raj Says:

    I would like to speak to our honour c m mr narendrabhai modi,about anti corruption, we have seen so many corruption but there was no such action taken by gujarat government, not only congress is responsible for corruption but also some where BJP also included(involve) in this incident, once should i will get honour cm mr narendrabhai modi contacts no or his personnal mobile no,email id, i will request them to do the end of corruption frm gujarat,so opposite will close their mouth to put wrong blame on you and they should also feel them guilty , i am fighting onbehalf of you ,if anybody wants to spoil your images in open market in gujarat against u, any party than i am simple asking to them how much your party was develope in gujarat on their rulling , i think narendrabhai if u wl improve little thinks in gujarat than u should be called indian PM INSTEAD OF GUJ CM,get ended the corruption thanks and regards raj

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