Omkara – Hit ya Flop?


Vishal Bharadwaj’s Omkara a dark tragedy, an adaptation of the Brad’s classic Othello based in the backdrop of Bihar, UP, India is surprisingly an exhilarating experience for a viewer like myself who is not an avid admirer of Shakespearan plays due to various reasons, one of them being unable to keep up with the slow pace! The director’s story telling is very closely linked with the original theme of Othello but the human touch & ethenicity given to each character in the film depicts a distinct style of Vishal Bharadwaj’s direction.

Ajay Devgan (Omkara) plays the role of Othello, the protagonist who has given a performance that is true to the character and in his own style, displays charisma and brings out the crudeness that a chief of outlaws have. Kareena Kapoor (Dolly) has been steady and seems to have submitted completely to the director’s will since her character doesn’t offer any scope of improvisation and in the end, has done a good job of displaying selfless love and sacrifice for Omkara. Vivek Oberoi (Kesu)  has got relatively less space on screen and does seem to get sidelined but has again stayed true to the character and has managed to bring out the humane values of Kesu. Saif Ali Khan (Langda Tyagi) for me is the all in all winner. He has genuinely given the best performance of his career so far for me. The wickedness and spooky character of Landga Tyagi comes to life when Saif in a typical Bihari getup keeps lurking from the dark with a limping leg taking support of a 303 riffle. The jealousy and  crafty nature of Langda comes to life when Saif manages to turn Omkara against Kesu and in the process plays with souls of his wife (Konkana Sen) and friend (Raju Tiwari).

Overall, a really good attempt by the director to present his creativity and in doing so, giving an entertaining viewing. Do you think above comments are justified and does the film fare even better or is it an exaggerated perception of the film?


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