What is your message for Pakistan on Independence Day?

India and Pakistan celebrated their 60th Independence day respectively and both the countries blamed each other for the detiorating law and order situation in their country. I would like to say to Pakistan that though both of us got Independence at the same time see how india has progressed and it will still grow in future and very soon it would be a developed country. But Pakistan is taking a deep as they are more focussed in terror and destroying other countries than developing their own. Any country’s progress lies in the hand of their youth mass but when a country motivates the youth mass to take arms and spread terror than it can never progress. There would be a time when these people will be so frustrated that they will destroy their own country. My advise to Pakistan is to stop training these terrorists and show them the right path and give them education and employment so that they can also help their country to progress like our. India can forgive pakistan for his past deeds if it is ready to change their image and seriously make effort to live like good neighbours. Having said that if Pakistan thinks India talking about peace means India is afraid of Pakistan than let me clearify one thing to all those pakistani leaders that we have shown you time and again how powerful we are in the wars so far and if required we will again show the same. War is not solution to any problem but if our national security is threatened we will go for war and this time we will take out Pakistan from the Political map. I Love India, Bande Maataram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Jai Hind.


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