Shahrukh khan – A bygone era or a comeback with a bang??


Shahrukh Khan is in the twilight of his career…Do you agree?? Well, judging by his performance in KANK, one would like to think that contradictory to his mass popularity and hysteria amongst  viewers in. India plus overseas fans and proven track record, he has nothing new to offer as far as his acting skills are concerned. He has been and continues to be repetitive. I may be going too far in criticising Shahrukh as many of his female admirers may believe but believe it or not, Shahrukh does sound outdated not because of the amount of years he has spent in Bollywood but because of his acting style that doesn’t offer anything that appeals to viewers of current time.


2 Responses to “Shahrukh khan – A bygone era or a comeback with a bang??”

  1. reb Says:

    shahruk khan has many many more years left in his career..he needs not to prove anything to anyone how talented he is..he is an actor, entertainer,et al. shahruk needs to have only the one role to prove to himself, not to the critics, that he has and always had the talent that made him a much beloved artiste to millions of people all over the world.

  2. manju Says:

    shahrukh is successful & he is the king. not b’coz of wealth but b’coz of his sense o umour. he is down to earth trears everybody with a polite n decent manner. amitabh bachchan i so rude to media n others. shahrukh is the best. he has come back with a bang!!!!!!!

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