Who is India’s enemy No 1 Pakistan or AIDS?

India has just celebrated her 60th Independence Day and our PM and President gave lenghty speech about India’s achievements, progress and difficulties it faced for future. Every leader spoke about terrorist attacks and how Pakistan helping these terrorists to spread terror in our country. We have made plans to counter attack any terrorist plots and can give a beating reply to Pakistan. But the most important problem which is ignored and it could be even dangerous than Pakistan is the spread of AIDS. A recent survey suggested that India is home to 60% of South Asia’s HIV patients, a World Bank report released at the 16th International AIDS Conference. Pointing to gaps in India’s AIDS control programme, the report criticised the country for running most of its prevention programmes on urban populations though the epidemic has been found to be more rampant in rural populations. The states like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh have to educate their sex workers about the spread of this disease. The survey also pointed out that most of the South Asian country approach to this problem in global prospective rather they should educate the rural mass by local  way so that we can stop this epidemic. Let me request all the people of India to educate atleast one person in their locality about AIDS and do not totally rely on the Govt. to stop the problem. The Govt. of India should not only go for economic growth but also focus on this problem as there will be a time it will be immpossible to stop the spread of AIDS.


One Response to “Who is India’s enemy No 1 Pakistan or AIDS?”

  1. manju Says:

    aids is more dangerous than pakistan to india. b’coz aids is eating the people suspiciously. pakistan is the enemy n everybody knows about it but people do not know abt aids.

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