Does celebrities have right to misbehave?

Well known bollywood star Amisha Patel and her friend Sejal Shah were alegedly used some abusive language and even threatened to hit an airline staff. The AI staffer launched a complaint at the Sahar police station they said that Amisha and her friend very abusive and called an airline check-in staffer ‘a b***h’ and threatened to hit her. she even said that she would complain to civil aviation minister Praful Patel and see that the AI staffer lost her job. What type of image is she setting for the youth of this country. The young generation follow these celebrites as their idol and are very influenced by their action. So can we please ask these celebrities that they should know that they are a important part of the society and they have to set good example not only in movies but also in real life. Please madam Amisha you might be a great bollywood star but you are not bigger than the law and the law of the country says everyone is equal and you have no rights to scold or use abusive language against any individual and certainly not threaten to hit anyone. All Amisha fans please show her that she needs to be civilised or else we will boycott her movies and show her the exit sign.


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