Surat floods could it have been avoided?


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi decided to set up a one-member panel to investigate circumstances that led to last week’s heavy floods in Surat. Experts alleged that the disaster could have been avoided if the water had been released in advance in a phased manner. Sugnaben Bhatt, a retired Gujarat High Court chief justice, will lead the probe and she will be assisted by R.D. Soni, a retired official of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. Everyone is blaming the Govt and local adminstration for the floods in Surat. But no one is really trying to findout ways to help the people of Surat. If we do not clean the city it might end up with another plague like situation. We need to help the people to rehabiltate and help them to get back to their normal day to day life. I know the politicians are baking their bread and trying to take advantage of the situtation the disidents are trying to reap from this failure of the Govt. Let me request all the people across Indian and abroad to help the people of Surat. And would also request the people of Surat to be united and stand tall like the people of Mumbai and try to get out of this trauma. I would agree that the Govt hasn’t done enough but lets us help the local adminstration and NGO’s to clean the city and bring back normalcy in Surat.


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