Salty sea becomes sweet for Mumbaikars

Yet another incedence happened in Mumbai, yesterday some people noticed that the sea water near Mahim was tasteing sweet instead of salty. The news passed quick by word of mouth and everyone rushed to the beach to taste and get some for their family at home. The place where people noticed this was behind the Durgah of Makdoom Shah at Mahim beach. this raised religious sentiments and many muslims rushed to the spot to taste the water and was believed that it was a miracle of Baba. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) officials have rushed to the spot to collect samples of water and have appealed to people not to drink the sweet water. The initial tests have suggested that due to low level of chloride in water it made the water taste sweet. But it has warned the people not to taste this water neither give their family as this water is not pure and safe to consume it has high quantity of nitrates, industrial waste and other plastic waste. Due to floods already the water is not pure and even the municipality water needs to be warmed before consuming so this water from the sea is totally impure. But this warning from the municipal corporation and even the CM has fallen on to deaf ears and people still queue to taste this water. Today morning the water has already changed from sweet to salty but still people from far of place come to visit this beach. We would request all our readers to pass this info to everyone that not to get carried away with religious sentiments and believe science please do not drink this water, it may not show the adverse effect now but it might show you in future.


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