How come all parties unite to increase salary of MP and MLA?

Yet again the Govt has approved to increase the salary of MPs and MLAs, the most surprising thing is this is the only time when no party opposes this bill. Infact the opposition are really happy and they are giving their excuse for the hike in salary. For any other salary hike let it be state or central Govt employs they have to go through pay commison and than also the Govt does not increase their salary for years together and the opposition does not put pressure. But when it comes to their own salary it always happen their is consensus to hike their salary.  The Govt has realised the price rise and wants to implement the pay commison report and wants to increase the salary of the Govt staff but this is not going well with the opposition and they want to know how the Govt is going to get this extra revenue to pay this pay rise. But the same opposition does not want to know how their hike in salary and perks will be covered by the Govt. It is really shame that the highly paid MPs and MLAs who are even paid more than and MP or MLA is UK or USA does not think it is much and still do not do any work for their constituency. Our request to the Govt. will be can these MPs and MLAs be made accountable for their salary. May I ask all our readers and true concerned citizens of India what do they think about the hike in MPs and MLAs salary?


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