Cola war who is telling the truth?

The soft drinks company like Pepsi and Coca Cola have got a great relief after the Govt panel found no conclusive evidence of pesticides in their drink. The expert committee set up by the health ministry examined the report of CSE and found out that the checks which CSE had made were not adecuate and thus the minsitry had order for more samples from 14 states and found that the pesticide level in the water is in the permicible level. Thus banning of the drinks will not go ahead. The CSE has accused the Govt of India to have just read out the report from the Cola Company. Now it is upto us to descide whom to believe. I was a great fan of these drinks and in a day atleast I use to drink 3 to 4 330ml drink but it really spoiled my health. My advice will be please do not drink too much soft drinks. But my advice to all those celebrities to not promote this drinks unless these people also do some social service for the society. We all know that these soft drinks company spend crores of rupees on adverts and promotions but they do not do anything for the society. May I request to these drink companies please do some good work for the country from whose citizens you get so much profits. What do you think who is telling the truth CSE or the Govt?


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